Ability and Skill Describe

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Ability and Skill Describe

Post by Kiyaani » Fri May 18, 2018 10:42 am


Would it be possible when checking the description of a specific ability to see not only what prerequisites or skill levels are required to unlock it, but also what it has the potential to unlock?

It might also be useful to be able to see which skills are used for each ability even though they may not be required to unlock it - both with roll calculations and with gains. Some, like unarmed combat: blade slap, tell you which skills affect the ability's functionality. Others don't. This could be helpful with things like dirty tricks or abilities that may cover both physical and magical attack types or merely one or the other, but don't specify in their current descriptions. I feel consistency in what information is given to players is always a good thing.


It would also be nice if some of the skill descriptions were improved to include more details about what types of weapons or actions might affect gains. Many of these are intuitive, but some are not, especially if there are hidden skill-caps in place. For example, swimming has been capped at a low skill level for years, but doesn't mention anywhere that you will not be able to advance beyond a certain point no matter where you swim. Herbalism is another skill I know players are often confused about when it comes to gains due to changes made in the last few years with regards to poultice-making and grinding herbs.

Having that kind of information either in-game automatically or as an option to enable advanced descriptions, or even on the wiki, would be very nice. I understand that some of this information may be intentionally withheld for players to discover for themselves or may be considered meta, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway as a potential project for someone to undertake as I feel the usefulness outweighs any potential misuse.

Thoughts appreciated.

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