Moon_Dew's list of suggestions.

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Moon_Dew's list of suggestions.

Post by Moon_Dew » Sat May 19, 2018 7:47 pm

Over the past few days, I've been brain-storming and writing down possible suggestions and feature requests. To save time and space (and prevent spamming), I'm going to put them all here, as well as any future ideas I may have. Word of warning: this was written as I thought it up, so most of the ideas are half-form and there's little to no organization.

Make shields out of wood (ability to saw a slab from logs for round shield designs, use planks for other shapes.), with the option of using metal to reinforce wooden shields.

Leather straps for making shields (have to hold onto those things somehow) and wrapping around hilts (purely decorative, but still a neat little feature.)

The ability to make crossguards and pommels for swords and daggers, with different style options for each, and some styles of pommels having the option of being able to set gems into them. Crossguards and pommels must be made of metal. Hilts must be made of wood.

Melee weapon accuracy depending on material and quality of the hilt or haft, with low quality hilts causing penelties, high quality providing bonuses, and rarer materials providing more bonuses.

Options for using traps in hunting.

Covered wagon for sleeping in, plus room for some personal gear.

Glassmaking skill.

Options for making a player house.

Make candles and soap from animal fat, with the option of adding scents using herbs.

Make perfumes out of oils, herbs, and flowers.

Training dummies, practice targets, and sparring rings to safely practice combat skills up to a certain point. On the never list.

Fish nets.

Bugs and the ability to catch them. Either keep as a collection, as a pet, or to use as live bait.

Bait system for hunting and fishing.

Ability to make chainmail armor.

Ability to harvest chiten and fluids from bugs and spiders (Chiten can be made into armor and trinkets. Fluids can be made into glue.).

Drinks have an actual effect. (Filling like food? Thirst system? Drunkenness system?) No thirst system, but drinks can be filling, and alcohol can make you drunk.

Ability to learn other languages.

Player built and run hamlets. GMs have declared the wilderness too dangerous to form hamlets. Player-base at this time is too small to fully utilize this idea anyway.

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