setting valuable weapons to 'no hurl'

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setting valuable weapons to 'no hurl'

Post by Kent » Mon Jul 30, 2018 1:39 pm

You know how you can set certain weapons, like handaxes and daggers, to Auto-Hurl, then put them in a container, then later type Hurl and your character automatically retrieves one of said weapons from it's container and hurls it?

What I am requesting is somewhat the opposite. The problem is, I may be holding a valuable weapon in hand that falls under the hurlable category, and yet I want to be able to type in Hurl and have my character hurl not the weapon in hand, but to skip that weapon and grab one of the Hurl-set weapons (because those ones are cheap and easily replaceable) from my container and hurl those, and retain my expensive and rare weapon in hand.

I can think of two solutions to this problem:

(A) If you type in Hurl, the Character will only hurl the weapon held in the left hand, and never the one held in the right hand. If the left hand is empty, the character will retrieve an auto-hurl weapon from his container and hurl that. If there are no auto-hurl weapons left, character will hurl nothing.


(B) Create a new flag, No-Hurl, that you can designate on your weapon, that will make the code treat it like it were a greataxe, a glaive, or a greatsword....i.e. the code now treats that weapon as unhurlable and will not hurl it no matter what.
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