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Posted: Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:49 pm
by TheCacklackian
Just something I've been thinking of a bit, there is a technique designed to combat plate armor, called half swording, which as I understand it, is not in the game. Half swording is the technique of either gripping the lower edge of the sword, while keeping one hand on the grip, and using it to deliver powerful thrusts into a(n armoured) target's joints, however there is another similar technique that's called the mordhau(murder strike/stroke/blow), which involves using both hands to hold the blade of a sword, and strike targets with the pommel/handguard in a similar fashion to warhammers. I would think an ability that allows users to do something along these lines with certain swords, primarily straight edged swords. The damage is converted to crush or pierce depending on which technqiue you are using, crush damage being depending on the weight, while pierce being dependent on the sword itself(Piercing swords would benefit more from jabbing using the half sword technique than swords that were made more for slicing.)
The ability would look something like this.

You have learned to make the most of your sword against armored foes, you can grip the blade of your sword, to do a jab at the joints of an armored enemy, or make use of your sword in a similar manor as a warhammer, striking with the pommel and cross-guard.

Usage:Halfsword(Puts you into halfsword stance, your attacks will be only pierce damage, however, they will be more accurate as in, when you have a strike that hits, it is more likely to hit where you aimed.)
Usage:Mordhau(Puts you in the Mordhau position, your attacks will be a mix of crush or bludgeon damage, increased roundtime per strike, and decreased accuracy, but better damage against armor. Slight scaling with the hafted skill, this cannot be done with crossguard-less swords)
Both of these technqiues will require you to wear gloves to use effectively, the penalty being much more severe on the mordhau, causing slash damage to your hands if you are not skilled enough with melee or sword(there is technically a way to hold, and swing a sharp blade without cutting yourself, it is just difficult).

I apologize if this is too long(I ramble a lot even in writing), or a bad idea. I have actually really liked the combat system so far, I just thought it is a cool technique! I'd enjoy any criticism or ideas on the concept as an ability, even if it is unlikely to be added!

Re: Half-Swording.

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 2:21 am
by Noctere
It is a cool technique and once a long time ago something like this was considered. Sadly, we also have to consider a balance between reality and game mechanics. As it stands swords are the most fleshed out weapon type in the game. They have more types than any other, they have several abilities which lean on using them and they are quite popular overall. In the distant future when we have developed all the others equally, I would be more than happy to add something like this.

In the meantime, please keep the ideas coming.

Re: Half-Swording.

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:12 am
by TheCacklackian
I figured, I just thought it was a really unique technique and thought I'd through it out there, very few people think "I'ma grab the blade of my sword and swing it around like a hammer"