Ya'll warm my heart.

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Ya'll warm my heart.

Post by Zeldryn » Tue Nov 24, 2020 1:48 pm

Thank you all for being as amazing as you consistently are.

Look, i'll be blunt. I haven't been around as much as I wish I could be, given the pandemic and everything else crazy going on in the world right now. But all of you, especially the ones i've interacted with, deserve nothing but unending gratitude and commendation for the RP on display as of late. I would list names, but it seems absolutely unnecesary because everybody's been doing an amazing job with their characters and their respective styles of roleplay.

Whether peaceful, combative, or somewhere in between, I've been loving everything. The characters (new and old) are great, the plotlines developing have a lot of intrigue, and Zeldryn, in particular, has gotten a lot of time to share stories and the like lately that have just tickled me absolutely pink.

I don't have much time to spend on clok lately, but the time I spend here is always 100% valuable. It makes it hard to walk away and do what I have to do. Ya'll are just that great. Keep being yourselves, and keep roleplaying.

And don't forget to nominate!

P.S: Big shoutout to the staff for being equally as amazing in this trying time. The lotteries, the festival, and all of the events, big, small, and everywhere in between on display when you guys have the time are just the best. The rapid-fire support is always appreciated, as well, even when it's just me goofing up because i'm a goof.

Thanks again guys, and keep being great.

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