Some much needed Commendations

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Some much needed Commendations

Post by Zeldryn » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:50 am

Okay, some much needed shoutouts are required.

I love you all a lot. I'm sure you know that. So if you're not mentioned here, let it be known that if you've interacted with me, in any regard, for any amount of time In Character, I appreciate it immensely, and it was a glorious addition to my day. What I cherish most about this game is the depth of roleplay that's on offer. Whether we're slaying infested, investigating spooky nethrim-related mysteries, drinking at the bar, arguing with each other, falling in love, making tough decisions-- It's all just.. So wonderful. So all-encumpassing. And I love the world, and the community that exists here. It's unlike any other game i've ever played. Clok feels like a living, breathing place. Friendships are born, friendships crumble, battles are won, battles are lost. And all the while, life goes on all around our characters so tangibly that, on occasion, you almost feel like you can't keep track of it all. And that's all thanks to the wonderful people that dip their feet into the waters of the Lost Lands, and log in to see what's going on.

I'm going to try to mention everyone I can here, but I'm sorry if you don't make it onto the list.

Zahrah: Wow. From the moment Zeldryn and Zahrah began interacting with one another, I knew that some serious stuff was going to be going down in the near-future. You've made me stretch the limits of my creativity in a way that defies comprehension, and I can't thank you enough for that. I've had to think long and hard about who Zeldryn is, how he reacts to certain stimuli, and how he perceives the people around him in a much more active, realistic manner. And that's in no small part to the interactions our characters have had. I thoroughly enjoyed every conversation, every hunting excursion, every tense moment, quiet admission, and all in between. You play your character -so- well, and you deserve all of the credit in the freaking world for putting forth the quality of detail that you do. Zahrah is.. Zahrah. She is a character that lives and breathes, and it's hard to describe her in any true detail, myself, because I feel like I just can't put that character's.. Character into words the way you do. It's ridiculous. My only regret is that my character is, for all intents and purposes, probably not going to be interacting with your character that regularly moving into the future. (Sad times). It has been super, super fun, and I eagerly look forward to any interactions any of our characters have in the future, whether it's Zeldryn, Zahrah, or whoever. Keep being awesome! Keep being creative! And most of all, keep being absolutely savage.

Chione: This one, though likely incredibly obvious, is also extremely necesary. Your characters are ridiculously unique. Your conversations portray the personality lying within them within an extreme amount of vividness. You put so much effort into getting inside your characters' respective minds, and it shows very prominantly through the way that you interact with Zeldryn, let alone everybody else. Obviously, two of our characters in particular have spent a ridiculous amount of time together over the last year, and that time shows through all of the half-experiences and brief snippets of stories they're constantly shooting off at each other without having to mention the rest of the details. (The biscuits come to mind.) That being said, though, as of late, you've gone above and beyond any sort of RP that we've ever had in the past, and that says a ton to me, personally. I can't speak for anyone else's interactions with your characters, but the way the RP flowed over the last few days alone is proof enough of how tirelessly you stick to your character's ideals. Keep being awesome, and for the love of god, never stop using so many puns.

Talyn: Oh, buddy. You've been there for Zeldryn so often in the last couple of months that I can't begin to count the incidents in which you had to talk him down-- and vice versa. Zel and Talyn were always decent friends, but as of late, they've gotten a lot closer as a result of everything going on in Shadgard, and it's been the funnest chemistry to build up. The way they joke, the way they talk [crap], and the way they wax poetic about life in the midst of bloody carnage is quite literally the essence of what I think makes Clok so damn wonderful. People like you make me feel at home here. From all of our first interactions back in the Hanged Man as the Dusklamp situation was churning up, to everything regarding our characters' latest duels with destiny and romance, in particular-- I just wanted you to know that I absolutely appreciate every interaction we've had. I know you worry about the quality of your RP sometimes, and you really shouldn't. You're phenomenal, and I'm posetive that i'm not the only one who thinks so. I have the highest hopes that our characters-- even if it's not Zel and Talyn-- will never have a problem interacting with one another. Whether it's friendly or unfriendly. you're one of the people around here I can constantly rely on for a genuinely fun experience, no matter what we're doing. I love your character archetypes, and I really, really love the way you turn things on their head when I'm not expecting it. You always have an interesting way to look at a situation from the outside in. Keep being awesome!

Dorn: Dorn, Dorn, Dorn. Need I even mention It? Need I even say it? You're -fantastic-. Your character's presence isn't just known in the lands, it's felt. You do the character you play an extreme amount of justice in his cruelty and his process. He's interesting. He's mysterious. And somehow, in spite of all of the carnage and craziness he can be responsible for, you always leave me wanting to be his friend in the end. That's extremely difficult to do from not only a roleplaying and gameplay perspective, but from a writing perspective as a whole. You show an immense amount of patience in your implementation of ideas, and a staggering amount of skill in crafting dialogue. There have been times where Zel has hated Dorn, and there have been times where Zel has liked Dorn. More importantly, there have been a great many times where Zeldryn (the character, not me) was filled with such an immense amount of righteous indignation toward Dorn that he couldn't properly form words. When Zeldryn hit a long, seemingly permanant patch of stability in his arc, it was your character that pushed him out of his comfort zone, and really made him think about who he was, who he wanted to be, and how he wanted to be perceived. It took a character that I was quite literally about to put on the shelf, completely revitalized him, and made me fall in love with him all over again. And I can't thank you enough for that. IC aside? You're one of the easiest people to talk to. I always appreciate shooting the [crap] on chat, and even more appreciate the stream of reccomendations you shoot me for my sick, sick tastes in media. (E.G: Black Lagoon.) Keep being awesome! Keep being Dorn! And keep on keeping on.

Kiyaani: A lot of what has been said above applies to you, as well. From what interactions I've had with your characters, the vast majority have been memorable ones. You know, like that time we aggressively chased down people who made us angry in Dusklamp. Or that time we angrilly chased down that guy who made us angry In Haiban. Or that time we angrily.. I sense a trend here. Okay, okay. So we haven't -only- aggressively chased people down, obviously. But whether with Samani or Saeda, my interactions with your characters are always thoroughly pleasant ones. Both are exceedingly interesting characters in their own respective rights, with distinctive and curious burdens to bare on their shoulders. Your perceptions and expressions of the way that those two characters in particular deal with those burdens is absolutely impressive to behold. You should be thoroughly proud of yourself, just as anyone else I've mentioned above. It always makes me smile IRL when I notice your characters chasing Zel down, or trying to seek him out for whatever reason. I have a particular soft spot for the banter, more than anything else. But that's only one of a thousand different things I could pull out of my brain. The thing that intrigues me the most is how much I feel I -don't- know about those characters, in spite of how much time i've spent alongside them. And that's the core of what I like about your style-- you nailed the air of mystique that some folks seem to constantly carry around them. Whether intentional or unintentional, you always keep me guessing, and that's more appreciated than I can possibly express. Keep being awesome! Keep lolling at Zeldryn's inability to have a good day!

Copperbear: Muh boi. Muh man. Muh dood. My partner in crime, my white-robed shadow, my mighty dwaedn father-figure. We have had some. -fun-. You were one of the first people I RP'd with around here, and to this day, our interactions continue to be some of the most ridiculous and pointed shenanigans I can shake a fist at. You have made me smile. You have made me frown. You opened my character's eyes to a world he never knew was there, and you, in your own specific ways, have kept him on the straight and narrow in a variety of ways, through a variety of characters. All of them are fantastic, all of them are unique, and all of them fall into a very specific asthetic that I think you've done extremely well portraying. Your characters are easily the most -distinct- of the bunch that I've ran into. I could rant and rave about any of them specifically, but in this case, It almost ruins the fun of being able to take a peek at them yourself. For those who are reading that have no idea which ones i'm referring to, that is. We've grown to be such good friends OOC as well as IC, and I can't express just how great that is. I don't usually get in touch with many people off of a game if I meet them via said medium. I'm glad that I decided to, though. Never change, pal. And I'll always ask you about yaks.

There are so many people I wish I could just ramble on about forever. Alila, Hakkon, Muuno, Rosalin, Quintin, Tangela, Artus, Jessiah-- You all have just brought so much depth, so much enjoyment to my days over the past.. However long I've been playing. I can't begin to describe just how much I feel thankful for the good times I've had with all of you.

I'll stop now. I've rambled enough. But I have distinctly high hopes for more fun, more great RP, and bright horizons. Thank you all so much for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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Re: Some much needed Commendations

Post by Xanthe » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:07 am

I wanted to reply to Zeldryn and also add my own feelings too. (This is Chione for those who don't know!)

I really love the roleplay here. To me, this is a living, breathing community, filled with complex characters and interactions. It's helped me recognize and deal with some of my own problems and it's helped me through some really hard times.

You cannot know how glad I am for the friendships I've made here, both IC and OOC. You guys have saved me from some of the crap I live with and I can't tell you just how grateful I am for that.

Tearfulness aside, you are all amazing people. There's just so many levels of interaction here that even when I said I wouldn't come back (a few people know about this), I ended up returning anyway- and I was instantly hooked, again.
I truly love the people in this community and I'm so grateful that it's been left open for us to play in. Even with the disagreements that happen, I appreciate each and every person that has their part in making Clok what it is.

Rias, Jirato, the GMS we no longer have (Yes, it's a sticky subject, but they helped create an amazing atmosphere and I'm not going to walk around it), Alila who says everything when she says nothing, Zeldryn who has trouble dealing with his emotions, Talyn who just is trying to always do the right thing. Copperbear's characters who are all completely distinct, Muuno (Parren-Fist!), Hakkon and his fantastical weavings and insight into people and himself, Zahrah (who I haven't interacted with directly much on either character- but who has left an impact on both of them nonetheless), Saeda and her Viali attitudes, Melain the monk-therapist, Rosalin's child-like view of the world which she brings everywhere with her, Dorn's ability to inspire tension, fear, intrigue and great respect.

I know I've missed characters here. Quintin, Galon- Everyone has their own unique footprint they leave in the game. You impact what happens. And as Dulcina said, "We change others, and they change us."

You guys have changed my characters ICly, but you've also given me thoughts to chew on that I might change myself in reality for the better. Thank you all for allowing me to join you in Clok.

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Re: Some much needed Commendations

Post by Kiyaani » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:44 am

I agree with all of this - especially the parts about me! ;)

Seriously though, thanks Zeldryn for taking the time to post this. I don't usually like to post publicly about this kind of stuff, but maybe I should. Kudos are definitely well-deserved. I've absolutely loved interacting with your character and, honestly, all the RP lately has been great from everyone I've come across - many of whom have been mentioned here with or without detail already. So thank you, everyone.

I do want to call out a certain nameless someone for the RP we had last night. You know who you are. Our chance encounter turned into a great session and I'm so glad you decided to follow me and delve deeper into the issue. I'm thankful for your flexibility as things devolved and didn't go as planned. It really goes to show just how much the current community pays attention to the little things and wants to react and engage even if they might have been doing other things at the time. I really appreciate it.

Despite the general lack of major events progression lately, everyone seems to be taking things in stride and forming their own RP and drama really, really well. So thanks again to everyone for all you do in keeping CLOK a great and enjoyable place to escape reality.

P.S. I'll chase down folks with you anytime, Zel, aggressively, angrily, or otherwise.

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Re: Some much needed Commendations

Post by Mafuane » Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:31 am

Aww this is all too wholesome ❤️
I'm just coming back and glad I have.

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Re: Some much needed Commendations

Post by Rosalin » Tue Aug 06, 2019 1:26 pm

It is honestly hard to put into words how much the players of this game mean to me. This community of friends. No, family. As much as the DMs out their all into the game the players dish out just as much care and effort. Both sides of the coin are intimately connected to the world. One does not survive without the other and when one side is unable to act the other takes over for awhile. I have never been a part of a world that I have so genuinely come to care for.

The first and probably biggest commendation I could give is to Zeldryn. Though the interaction is not as frequent as it once was that does not make the present any less important. The way he expresses his character so often makes me jealous and I think that there are quite a few people that are now more expressive just by product of seeing how much life a mere drawl or deviation in tone can add.

Secondmost is Gad, Though it has been a long time since I have seen him that does not make his impact any less significant. I am sure anyone that has been introduced to Rosalin knows her title it was Gad that got me asking the most questions about my character at the beginning and without them the reasoning and thought process I have now could have been drastically different.

My memory is one that must constantly be checked. I have to look upon the past through a broken telescope. Yet, the majority of interactions I have feel impactful. Rosalin is not just a persona but, an entire person of her own make within my mind. It is no longer a simple ""I'm going to have Rosa do this." Even back when I was trying to figure out my guild her and I have been wrestling in the back of my mind. Because simply acting within the world and being touched by every person She has met made a change. Deviated her further from what I thought She was. I have all of you to thank for that. For challenging us both in how and why we think of things.

So while I cannot remember every step of this beautiful journey the world carries on. The characters live and breathe like they could walk out of the storybook we all have a part in and I for one am so glad I took up that pen. To write my story entwined with all of you whom make every step of Rosalin's life one I can remeber so happily and it is an honor to know there are so many more fun times ahead.
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Re: Some much needed Commendations

Post by xavier » Mon Aug 12, 2019 6:58 am

I feel the need to post here as well. I haven't really been playing lately but I want you all to know that the people of this game, character and GM alike, were never the reason I leave for long stretches. I love Clok as a world and the people in it and involved in it. I love coming back after some long break and everyone seeing that oh so distinctive color on ESP and the warm welcome that comes at that time. Thank you all for not holding my absences against me.
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