Decluttering herbs

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Decluttering herbs

Post by Nobody » Fri Sep 06, 2019 9:11 am

For guilds that offer herbalism tasks (bringing a task giver fresh or ground herbs) I'd like to recommend herb donation boxes that give out guild points for donating herbs without a task. This would help to reduce the amount of herb hoarding that I do at least.

To prevent abuse or too rapid guild progression via herb overload, I'll also recommend the following limits for it:
  • 0.5 guild points for inferior ground or fresh herbs, 0.75 guild points for average ground herbs, 1 guild point for potent ground herbs.
  • Limit of 250 guild points per person per day (because it's probably easiest to code that)
  • Or limit of 25 guild points per herb variety (e. g. no more than 25 guild points per person per day for turning in fresh, inferior ground, average ground, or potent ground thistleweed).

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