Firearm/Engineering Shadgard Guild

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Firearm/Engineering Shadgard Guild

Post by Myke » Fri Mar 30, 2012 8:59 pm

Just some ideas..

Name Ideas: Shadgard Gallows, Lead Pushers, Hangman's Noose, Dirt Cutters, Gravediggers, Iron Gallows.. (Generally something gritty and to the point)

Founded by an outcast Grummer, members of (NAME) are a partnership of marksmen, field medics, and frontiersmen from all walks of life who have commited themselves to not only the protection of Shadgard but the town's technological advancement as well. Members of the group have reputations for their knack for not only the usage of firearms but most anything mechanical. Their aptitude for ranged combat allows them to capitalize on the town's natural canyon defense.

1. Playstyle

- 1.1 Overall
(NAME) are masters of firearms and metalwork, focusing on ranged offense and. However, many a foe has made the mistake of thinking catching them during a reload would be a quick end to the fight only to find they are painfully elusive and quick on their feet.

- 1.2 Combat
(NAME) are obsessed with the mechanical sides of things, especially combat, and their aptitude with a firearm is unparalleled.

- 1.3 Promotion Points
Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:
*Successfully firing at (and hitting) opponents.
*Successful creation of engineering templates.

- 1.4 Overall Pros

- 1.5 Overall Cons

2. Abilities

3. Guild Services
*Private rooms for members.
*Private engineering workshop for members.
*Shop selling firearm upgrades.

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