Multiclassing or Guild Co-op

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Multiclassing or Guild Co-op

Postby Kiyaani » Mon Jan 07, 2013 12:00 am

I know this is something that would likely be way down the list of considerations, but I was thinking some players might be able to multi-class into other guild abilities.

Essentially, for RP reasons, allow players access to a limited range of abilities from a 'sister' guild. So... Tse could get some Utasa/Udemi, Traders/Mercenaries, Rook/Elemancer or Rook/Claw, Monk/Templar, Thief/Claw etc.

Doing this would allow for a greater range of customization with your character. Similar to other games, you could only multiclass into one other guild and wouldn't necessarily have the full range of abilities to choose from or even the full benefit of that skill since the actual skill would be highly guarded by the guild. Maybe it would be a throwback version, or alternatively, you have to earn standing with that guild before they show you some of their tricks. And obviously you can't learn the full-range, maybe one or two abilities only. Multi-classing could also mean you can't learn some of your own guild abilities that are reserved for 'purists'.

Just an idea I had floating around.

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Postby Nootau » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:36 am

Minor tweak, Rooks and Elemancers, while both being casting magic based, are not 'sister' guilds as they do not share similar abilities or structure. In general, what makes two guilds 'sister'?

While I can understand the Utasa/Udemi being sister guilds, as they are made as a pair: one forest and one urban, but how are Traders/Mercenaries sister guilds?

As for the idea itself, I don't think it would work very well. Unlike most games that have 'Only X class gets Y special skill', Clok doesn't seem to work that way. If the Guilds have something that would be reasonable for it to have, it is given it. Can you share what kind of expansion were you looking towards or hoping for? Utasa/Elemancers both have apprentice Aeromancy, Rooks/Claw both have Never Vision, Thieves/Claw both have Shadow Strike, ect ect.
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Postby KianTheArcher » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:11 am

I'm not sure that multiclassing would be a great idea for the MUD. It would probably lead to less customisation and more people gaining abilities from "sister" classes so they can maximise their combat potential. For instance, Rooks gaining Hydromancy from being a "sister guild" to the Elemancers.

That being said, I love character customisation, and I've had an idea rolling around in my head for a while. I haven't fleshed it out, but it's a concept called "Rival Schools". A Rival School is a guildmaster of your own guild located outside of official guild HQs, that teach different abilities that fit in with the theme of your Guild, but may not be taught necessarily at your own guild HQs.

An example of this would be a Dwaedn Wyr trainer from Tatlhuecan that focuses on Jungle based animals (such as stealthy large cats and snakes) for abilities, or an isolated Elemancer hermit that lives out in the mountains, and teaches specific spells that are more combat oriented. Perhaps a Mercenary trainer that specialises in mounted combat as well.

The balancing factors for this could be varied. Have it so that you can only join one "Rival School", and if the Rival School practises a particularly powerful or dangerous ability, there could be negative repercussions for joining the guild, such as lowering reputation in some areas. Similarly, there could be a Faction system for each Rival School, requiring a person to go out of their way to join them, and the Rival Guilds could be placed in areas that are harder to get to.
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Postby Kiyaani » Mon Jan 07, 2013 11:03 am

Sister in this case just meaning using similar abilities, similar social stance or prior guild relationship. So Elemancers and Rooks because they are both dedicated to study through use of a magical or not full understood source (elemancy v nether), not because they use the same things directly. It makes sense to me that they might want to share their findings even if one is more based on elements and the other on the study of life. Those were just examples, and obviously not all the examples there could be.

As I said, there would have to be a good RP reason for the guild to even accept you since you're already bound elsewhere and it's not about gaining X ability, it's about adding a bit of unique flair to your character. There's not any one ability that I'm looking to get for myself or others, I just thought it was an idea worth considering for down the line. This system could add diversity to both combat and RP as well as promote cross-guild lore discussion IC since each guild seems to have a different view on matters.

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