tasks and runaway targets

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tasks and runaway targets

Postby faylen » Wed Nov 06, 2013 10:38 pm

Just wondering if there's any possible way that it could be set so that we still get credit for a kill if the target mob runs away and then dies from bleeding out in a room we aren't in?

This really wasn't a major issue for me until I got to where I could handle the infested trail tasks. Now I'm getting tasks in there to kill 15-20 mobs, but sometimes as many as a third of them are poachers that run when I have them almost dead, hide, and by the time I figure out where they went they've died from blood loss and I've lost the credit for the kill. This is with a perception of 215 or so, and that's only about ten points below my highest combat skill. Considering I've been getting these tasks for quite a while now, just not attempting them, and how difficult perception can be to train I don't think it's just that my perception is lower than normal for this area.

anyway, if there would be any way to make it work that would be great. Thanks!

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