The Afterlife

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The Afterlife

Post by Elystole » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:33 am

I know that the death mechanics are still being worked on, but what is common knowledge concerning the afterlife?

I thought there might be some notes on that because Verungyr is mentioned as dragging damned souls to the Abyss while the Pumpkin King fights with the Wraith, Malfant, and/or Aranas over lost souls. That last point seems like something that would especially concern the Undying.
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Re: The Afterlife

Post by Rias » Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:22 am

Keep in mind this stuff is all belief/myth/legend/etc. Nobody knows anything concrete about what happens to a soul after death, except of course those who manage to return, and they only know as much as they experience. I'll leave this to be revealed when the death mechanics changes are finished and rolled out.

Re: Verungnr - It's usually attributed to grabbing people who are still at large in our mortal world, be that because they haven't died yet, or they've found their soul is unable to move on and therefore still lingers in the mortal world somehow.

The Pumpkin King and the Wraith fight over the claim to lead/harbor/claim ownership of/care after/rule/guide (depending on the version of the tale you hear) lost souls, those lost souls being the ones who were unable to move on and are stuck wandering in our mortal world.

In both cases, yes, the Undying whom are savvy to (and believe) these things would have reason for concern over whether, and which of, these entities are going to "get them."

If anything, the whole "lost souls who can't move on" concept should be considered more of a limbo, or a fluke, rather than an "afterlife". An afterlife would be whatever awaits souls after they move on properly. The only thing I have regarding that which might be of interest is that some believe Serafina's aengels are the souls of the particularly pure and good whom chose to stay and help Serafina rather than move on to their well-earned rest and peace after death, and likewise, some powerful evil beings or entities are occasionally believed to be the result of souls so evil that they were denied peace and rest after death. (Watch out for Verungnr, fellas!)
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