Discussion about the Immortals, AKA gods, deities, etc.
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Post by Kierae » Tue Jun 16, 2015 5:36 am

As I'm still quite new to the game / world in general & I'm still absorbing as much info / lore as I can, so.. apologies in advance.

Anyways, I once asked ICly about containers filled with food at a crossroads which I came across while exploring the wilderness. The reply I got was that they were there for the unprepared. Not sure if there was any OOC purpose other than that, but it got me thinking..

Unlike the donation crates in the major towns, these crates are out in the wilderness with contents reletively untouched & untainted. Why wouldn't the more enterprising, less moral characters take advantage of it? Why wouldn't the resen or nether affect it?

Then I thought of divine retribution or divine protection. Does the game have any deity associated with luck or travel? From what I've read in the lore so far most if not all the deities hold alot of weight & significance, how about a major deity (or aspect of an existing deity) for the religious, a minor deity.. a God-lite for the less religious, maybe remove the God aspect entirely for the world's atheist all rolled into one?

Sorry.. ranting abit, but thinking more along the lines of small humble roadside shrines where people can donate, pray for safe travels to a minor deity in contrast to the massive elaborate churches of the major deities. ... kohama.jpg
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Re: Thoughts?

Post by Avedri » Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:59 am

I love the idea of the roadside shrines but the reasoning you posted hasn't really been an issue thus far. At least the stealing, there may be spores that float onto the food, but nether is just a physical substance. Nether taint mostly has to do with the soul (contaminated to major taint or from soul retrieval)

Sure someone gets a bit overzealous from time-to-time with the barrels but the community is fairly small still and in general, most characters/players are respectful of the barrels purpose.

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Re: Thoughts?

Post by Fayne » Tue Jun 16, 2015 8:30 am

Alao, I don't really think CLOK religion is the major/minor god type. I think those that do worship all or most of the Immortals believe them to be equally important, though some may hold more significance to the particular person. And then we have those who only worship a few, or even one, and I don't think they really care much about the others, besides maybe acknowledging they exist. And hey, not every Immortal has a shrine.

Also, the crates aren't protected by divine influence or anything like that. The trunks open and close, so that keeps them from being raided by wild animals or getting Resen all over them, in theory. I think it's safe to assume that NPCs also take from the trunks and leave things behind, thus why none of the food ever seems to be spoiled. As for baddies poisoning or otherwise tainting the supply, bad guys have friends too. And sometimes those friends forget food and have to use the trunks. It'd be really unfortunate for one of their few friends to take something from a trunk and then keel over dead.
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Re: Thoughts?

Post by Solaje » Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:38 am

Also: welcome to Clok, Kierae! =)

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Re: Thoughts?

Post by jilliana » Tue Aug 11, 2015 4:19 am

Another point to add about the belief in immortals.

Although CLOK is pretty flexible about what a character with a certain race can or cannot believe in, there are immortals that are worshipped different ways by different people.

I personally noticed that the characters who choose to have a a belief system tend to work it pretty well into their roleplay.
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