Lots of Ideas for Snowpiners!

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Lots of Ideas for Snowpiners!

Post by criticalfault » Fri Apr 25, 2014 9:09 am

SnowPine Lodge

I love these guys and I think they could do a lot of amazing things if they are given just the right utility powers. When your playing them I feel (And it could just be me!) that you should feel uncomfortable in the city and more safe and at home in the wilderness.

Improved Butchering - Allow them to be able to extract special things from some corpses. Now you could make this skill EPIC if you allow them to degland fire breathing monsters and the likes to craft foods from Drakoens (However you spell them) and other more powerful monsters, even make players interested in dragging the corpse to a Snow piner. These parts could become a valuable commodity for spell casters or other guilds. As a standard allow them to butcher more from a standard corpse as well.

Hearts for temp bonuses for Dwaeden
Livers for eating and perhaps making anti-toxins
Special organs from monsters of all kinds!

Improved trapping - Where everyone else can use traps to harass and impair their enemies, a Snowpiner can setup traps that are lethal. Snares, Pit falls, Ewok-eque spikes on logs that swing together. If it can stop an AT-ST it can stop a Vaili on a desterier >:)

Bait/Repellant - The Snowpiner can craft special baits to increase the spawn rate for an area. Dangerous skill for sure! The opposite is true that would allow them to smear themselves in some kind of stink that will make specific creatures run from them, allowing them to walk unharnessed in some areas. (Also a shout to Batman's Shark Repellant!)

Wildcraft - Snowpine lodge members are never without bandages if they are in a forested area. At a MUCH higher first aid check, they can bandage someone's bleeder or light woods with leaves and muds. (This would be EPIC to see a bush man smear mud into a wound and say, "Oh, he'll be fine, i put mud on it"). This should also allow them to find bugs/worms/etc to eat even if the room is barren of food. No bushman should ever die of hunger in the wilds

Hunting Dog - Snowpiner's should be able to get a faithful companion, a customizable dog that follows them on their trips. It will alert their master when someone is sneaking around them, help them with forage and even protect them. The best service they will offer is the ability to bring small items to anyone who is in the wilderness and drop it at their feet. Great for running rations/bandage/other vital thing to survive to someone who is lost in the wilderness.

Rugged Body - Snowpiner's are naturally resistant to cold from their time in the harsh winters. Would be cool if they were immune to various environmental affects.

Baneful Harvest - Allow them to forage baneful herbs for crafting special and natural poisons as well as antidotes from poisons of Claw's or the likes.

Take Trophy - I don't think the Barbarians should be the only one who should be able to take heads. Better yet, this would be x10 more epic if they could taxidermy corpses for display in peoples homes.

Trophy Hunt - Allow them to hunt for bigger game animals for animals that drop more pelts, butcher better, etc

Basic training Give these poor folks a break and give them some Stealth, Trapping, Fire Starting, Herbalism, Cooking and First aid.

Guild Shop -
1 - Bedrolls that allow you faster energy regen when you sleep next to a fire
2 - Tents that are setupable and enterable for private rooms
3 - Camo kits to give them a flat bonus to stealth to help them with a leg up starting out
4 - MASSIVE pots and pans for cooking for a whole group of people
5 - Special Solutions and things required for Taxidermy.
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