Clean and kill: closing the dark burrow

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Clean and kill: closing the dark burrow

Post by artus » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:44 am

For anyone who know, and for those who don't know, there's a dark burrow hidden around the emberberries thicket near the entrance to Vailgraten pass. After planning and having conversations ic and ooc of how it goes, I can finally up to run it. Dark burrow, though not a dangerous place to care about, could be icly a place of further resen threat. For that, the all unmighty...well not really, Artus, is going to announce that I'm gonna form the "clean and kill" group next week on thursday evening or night surver time, and the clean and kill will bathe every inch of tunnels, turn every drop of water red! Let's see if we're able to close the tunnel for good!

The announcement was posted in town boards except for shadgard, which I'll be posting it soon within today or so. Thank you in advance!
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