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1217 Octum Festival is now live

Posted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 5:17 am
by Jirato
We're pleased to announce that the Octum festival for this year is now live. Festival grounds are located at Barrow hill, located southeast and south from the dogwood trunk on the road just before the bridge in the road from Geistwood to Brittlebranch Forest.

We will have a variety of appearances by our merchants and may be expanding the selection of shops and items as the month progresses.

Initial Event Shop List (subject to changes as the month progresses):
(Festival grounds are situated in a wheel pattern centered around barrow hill.)

Location: Barrow Hill, Southeast

Fine Fungal Foods
Storefront: a mushroom-signed stand
Enjoy a variety of mushroom-themed sit down foods in this outdoor dining booth.

The Bountiful Harvest
Storefront: a large harvest food stall
Enjoy a variety of seasonal foods in this outdoor food stall.

Savil's Sweet Treats
Storefront: a small lightly-stained travelling wagon trimmed in rich purple and silver
Enjoy the sweeter side of Octum with the largest variety of candied goods and sweet treats found anywhere in the quarantine zone.


Location: Barrow Hill, East

Costumes by Tarn & Cheryl
Storefront: a crypt-themed costumes booth
A variety of creepy and ghoulish costumes to fit the holiday theme.

Amoxtli's Alchemy
Storefront: a bright yellow and green canvas tent
Mysterious potions that have been said to grant the imbiber strength and focus.


Location: Barrow Hill, Northeast

Storefront: a small somber-looking darkly stained booth
Fashional charm bracelets, anklets, and necklaces, as well as an extremely large selection of charms to attach to them.


Location: Barrow Hill, North

Blotling Summonings
Storefront: a small enclosed ebonwood stand
Summon your very own shadowy botling pet to follow you around.

Divine Wardings:
Storefront: a large enclosed gray canvas pavilion
Buy amulets and statuettes blessed by clerics of Serafina, Aphraen, Undm, Vandin, Vodr, Nereia, Naia, Bogvaskr, Madrim, and Atros.


Location: Barrow Hill, Northwest

(Nothing here... yet!)


Location: Barrow Hill, West

Mike's Spikey Spikes and Custom Armor
Storefront: a small ebony and canvas shop covered in spikes
Buy custom spiked armor here, just don't put an eye out.

Erna's Wagon
Storefront: a dark red and silver painted wagon
A variety of hand woven rugs and tapestries with custom embroidery.


Location: Barrow Hill, Southwest

Wicked Skullduggery
Storefront: a small black wood and canvas shop covered in white skulls
If you can wield it or wear it, and can put a skull on it, Wicked Skullduggery sells it.

Harrie Froste's Glasswares
Storefront: an off-white open-air pavillion
An assortment of handcrafted glass wares such as bowls and figurines.


Location: Barrow Hill, South

Netherbane Oil Stand
Storefront: a large sales stand
Highly flammable! "Netherbane Oil" can be applied to your weapon if you wish to... light it on fire, for some reason.

Belladonna's Gaming and Collectibles
Storefront: a small green canvas tent
Customized hand-crafted dice, rare collectible coins and figurines.

Desert Sky Fashion
Storefront: a large elegantly-curved pale blue wagon with pearly pink trim
Traditional Nuumic fashion for both men and women.

Re: 1217 Octum Festival is now live

Posted: Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:41 pm
by Lun
Really enjoy the figurine addition to the game shop. Would it be possible to have more material types offered? I think it'd be a good opportunity for people to get metal carvings, over the wood ones that players can usually provide. Here's a short list of options I'd like to see.

red brass