Visiting (GM) Merchant Guidelines

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Visiting (GM) Merchant Guidelines

Post by Jirato » Wed Apr 25, 2018 2:47 pm

Unless explicitly stated otherwise by the merchant, no visiting NPC merchant will do the following:

Offer items that provide mechanical benefits above and beyond what is normal for standard pieces of equipment. (Example: Fingerless gloves, light-soled shoes).
Offer items that are exclusively available to a certain guild. (Example: Crossbows, fingerless gloves)
Add "pockets" to existing non-container items, add "clasps" to non-closeable container items.
Make items lighter.
Change the base material of an item.

Remember, that these merchants are mostly here for you to have something unique appearance-wise, not to improve your meta-game.

There may be some merchants specializing in above services, such as adding pockets, clasps/latches, or weight reduction. However, said merchants will make it explicitly clear if they are providing such services before taking requests. No guild exclusive items/benefits will ever be offered to the general public.
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