Octum Festival 1218!

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Octum Festival 1218!

Post by Mirazia » Mon Oct 01, 2018 8:12 pm

*several spiderwebs coat the post*

Octum is once again upon us! People are charm-seeking in the streets. Pumpkins are being carved and placed. The spirits wander the roads and the Octum Festival has once more arrived in the Lost Lands! Merchants have set up their wares and will be visiting through out the month to celebrate the season.
A greater lich looks over the posts on a large post board.

(Samani practically snarls as she consumes her flapjacks in one go.)

Dark powers surround Noctere and he brings forth his hands to summon... to summon... TO SUMMON!...
a handful of popcorn which appear on the ground with a slight POOF sound. Then Noctere leaves.

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