Environments become more obvious

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Environments become more obvious

Post by Rias » Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:36 pm

The environment/terrain of rooms is now obvious to players. When you LOOK, the area terrain/environment will be noted next to the area name. Example:
[Forest Trail] (OutFr)
The items in the parentheses indicate the area terrain/environment. So in the above example, the area is outdoor (Out) and forest (Fr).

Current environmental keys:

Out - Outdoor
In - Indoor
Wtr - Water (light cyan means shallow water, blue means deep water)
Ur - Urban
Pl - Plains
Fr - Forest
Mt - Mountain
Cv - Cave
Sw - Swamp/Marsh
Sd - Sandy
Mu - Muddy
Sn - Snowy
Rk - Rocky
Dt - Earthy/dirt

This list will be expanded and edited many times, to be sure.

Areas can have more than one terrain key. For example, a rocky forested mountain path would be (OutFrMtRk), or the shallows of a beach would be (OutWtrSd).

These environment conditions will be particularly handy to be aware of for people with abilities that are dependent on terrain, like Urban Stealth or Forest Stealth. Future implementations could include things like automating the presence of forageables in appropriate climate/terrain conditions, wind magic having added effects in sandy areas (sandstorms), the dirtkick ability having varying degrees of effectiveness (easier in sandy/earthy/snowy/muddy areas), and so on.
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