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Post by Rias » Sat Apr 17, 2010 3:42 pm

Wilderness travel has been implemented. The idea is that the world is split into two types of areas: Explorable areas and Wilderness areas. Explorable areas will have more detailed descriptions, props, critters, NPCs and so forth, and will be more interesting to, well ... explore. Wilderness areas are the areas in between explorable areas. When you get to a room that shows "the wilderness" in the obvious exits, use the WANDER verb or GO WILDERNESS to enter wilderness travel mode.

For instance, the town of Shadgard is an explorable area. Once you head out through the town gates, you have the option to head out into the wilderness. Moving from room to room in the Wilderness causes some hunger and fatigue and also causes "travel time" between movements. Travel time only restricts movement to another room, and nothing else. While traveling through the wilderness you may see things like "a campground" or "a cave" and so forth in the "You also notice ..." section. You can GO to these to enter their associated explorable areas.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is, so try heading outside the town gates and wander around a bit. The wilderness isn't very big yet, but there's an explorable area or two out there to be found.
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