The werewolf has been slain, we're safe to- arrrgggh!

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The werewolf has been slain, we're safe to- arrrgggh!

Post by Rias » Fri Dec 13, 2013 8:09 am

Don't you hate it when you finally take down that Unique critter that's particularly dangerous for an area (or had someone come all the way out to help/do it for you), only to have another respawn like 5 seconds later? Ugh!

Well, hate no longer! Thanks to the magic of Jirato(tm), Uniques (including many of those troublemakers out in the wilderness) will now stay dead for a chunk of time before even having a chance to respawn again. So, been planning that romantic picnic in the Brittebranch Forest, but worried about those stupid brigands jumping in just at your planned big moment? See to it that one is slain, and you're guaranteed to have a brigand-free picnic for at least a little while. (Time will vary as we tweak the mechanic and areas)

Again, Hooray for Jirato! He whipped this up within like 24 hours, so everyone shower him with praise and cookies.
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