Network Maintenance 1/17 - 1/18

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Network Maintenance 1/17 - 1/18

Post by Jirato » Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:09 pm

Please see the below from our service provider. They don't anticipate downtime, but it could still happen.
We hope you're doing well today. As part of our commitment to provide the best possible infrastructure for your services, we're sending you this notice to inform you of some upcoming network maintenance in our Orlando Data Center. Please read the following details carefully:

Maintenance type:

We will be performing two maintenance tasks on our network core. There is a line card we believe is faulty that we will be powering down and back up as it is exhibiting packet loss in certain scenarios. There is also an SFM module in our network edge which we will be replacing pro-actively due to recent errors.

Maintenance Window:
Start - Saturday 1/17/15 @ 10:00PM EST
Finish - Sunday 1/18/15 @ 12:00AM EST

Data Center:

Affected Clients:
All clients with services in our Orlando Data Center.

Estimated Downtime:
We have engineered the network core to be redundant in many layers and it is this redundancy which allows us to perform these procedures without any anticipated downtime. Both activities do involve working on our networking core/edge and as a precaution from any unintended side effects, we are bringing this maintenance to your attention. No downtime or packet loss is expected, but if any does occur, our team will be doing their very best to mitigate the effects on our clients.
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