Elemental -mancy Flares

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Elemental -mancy Flares

Post by Rias » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:30 am

If you have a single element prepared and then attack, the attack will 'flare' with that element if it hits your target. You will then no longer have that element prepared.

The basic damage potential of damaging flares (pyro, cryo, and geo) is 1 to 20. The maximum damage potential of the flare is dependent on the associated elemental -mancy skill of the attacker.

Cryo flare damage is boosted by a smaller amount than the other two, but can freeze drenched targets.

Aero flares will knock the target down.

Hydro flares will drench the target.

Example of use:
Your hands glow with fiery light as you begin channeling the element of fire.
Roundtime: 3 seconds.

You crack a leather whip at an animated training dummy!
AAR(453): 204 vs TDR(0): 40 = Result: 164
16 slash damage!
A strike to the head!
The attack is accompanied by a burst of fire!
An animated training dummy seems particularly susceptible to the attack!
44 fire damage!
Roundtime: 4 seconds.
As stated before, this only works with a single element prepared. Mixing elements together is reserved for more magical actions.
The lore compels me!

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