Goodbye my friends!

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Goodbye my friends!

Post by Zoiya » Sun Feb 08, 2015 10:34 am

When I first started GMing for CLOK, my job was to build homes in towns. My curious nature took over and I wanted to learn how to do everything and in time I got the opportunity to do just that. I do not regret a single thing that I've done while I've played and GM'd for this game. I've met some wonderful people who I will never forget and got to make this place my home.

Starting today I will no longer be GMing for CLOK. I look forward to seeing all the fun things that are to come, just like the rest of you.

I wish my fellow GM's all the best, not that I need to say it here, because I know we'll be in touch. We're a family, and you can never truly shake off your family. :D

Thank you all for everything. <3

[CHAT - Lil' Skittles GM Zoiya escalates quickly]: *hugs Kent*
[CHAT - Kent "Gunney" Gunderman]: *gingerly hugs back*
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