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Get to know your GURUs

Post by Jirato » Sun Jun 07, 2015 4:35 pm

Just a quick FYI, I updated the guru command this morning.
Developer Jirato (
Lead Racial and World Lore Guru
Organizations: Western Coalition, Church of Light
Guilds: Artisans, Brotherhood of the Fist, Elemancers, Knights Templar, Mercenaries, Monastic Order, Snowpine Lodge, Claw of Shar
Towns: Haiban, Shadgard
General QC

GameMaster Noctere (
Towns: Corvus Outpost
Guilds: Rook Parlour
Combat Balance Tester
Official plugins
Customer Experience

GameMaster Selene (
Guilds: Dwaedn Wyr, Guild of Thieves
World Builder
Wilderness Beautification Project

GameMaster Vinz (
In-Character Interactions and Events
Organizations: Tse Gaiyan
Guilds: Udemi, Utasa

GameMaster Zoiya (
Guilds: Mummers
Towns: Mistral Lake, Hamlets
World Builder & Builder Manager
Festivals & Merchants

Lore Hermit Rias
Independent Consultant
Note that this is still kinda tentative, we're still kinda transitioning and are taking things one step at a time. Zoiya is also helping out with Haiban expansion (yay!) and the Church of Light. I'll also be helping Selene out with her three guilds in terms of mechanics, balance, coding, and all that fun stuff that you really need to be a coder for (Actually same could be said for all the guilds, yikes!).
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[CHAT - GameMaster Rias would totally nuke Rooks]: Here's how elemancy works: The freeblegreeble and the zippoflasm have to be combined with the correct ration of himbleplimp, then you add the gargenheimer and adjust the froopulon for the pattern you want, apply some tarratarrtarr, yibble the wantaban, and let 'er rip!

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