A reminder regarding alts, friends, and policy 4

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A reminder regarding alts, friends, and policy 4

Post by Jirato » Thu Jun 11, 2015 4:38 am

Just wanted to make a quick highlight of this policy, as we've seen some increased suspected activity lately.

We understand that you may be friends with another character on more than one of your own character. There are a LOT of alts running around. That's not necessarily a super bad thing, but it does create some potential for multi-character transfers that we'd like to avoid.

Say you have two characters, Bob and Fred, and both Bob and Fred know the character Sam ICly. One day, Fred is feeling generous and decides to give Sam a really nice item or a sizeable chunk of riln. That's all fine and good. However, if Sam were to turn around and give or split anything gained from Fred with Bob, we'd have a problem, and said items/riln would have to be confiscated, and both parties would be at fault.

Please review the follow excerpts from policy 4:
It is not okay to:
- Acquire riln, items, or any other goods or services on one character and transfer them to one of your alternate characters, regardless of method (dropping and switching characters, mailing, giving to another player's character who then transfers it to your alternate, or any other chain of events that results in such). Your alternate characters must remain completely separate from one another.


- Accept items or any other goods or services from someone as in the example above. Admittedly you may not know that the other character is doing this, so investigations can be made. GMs keep logs.
If you happened to partake in this sort of action before and were unaware of the above policy, feel free to come forward by emailing us. Honesty and transparency is best here.

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