CHAT/TELL Free Period starting now

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CHAT/TELL Free Period starting now

Post by Jirato » Sat Jul 11, 2015 10:46 am

We've noticed a large increase in tells over the past several days, and most of it, to be honest, wasn't very friendly. Quite a bit of it was very accusational and slanderous, and some of it was downright nasty. This isn't coming from any one particular person but rather a significant portion of our player base. While I realize you all can just as easily spread this type of rumor and gossip out-of game, it hurts me to think that we're facilitating it in-game.

Chat and Tell have been temporarily disabled to help encourage bringing the focus back on the game and RP immersion. It will be re-enabled automatically after 8 hours.
[GMCHAT Uyoku]: Octum is when the octumbunny comes around and lays pumpkins everywhere right?
[GMCHAT Rias]: Dimmes says "oh hai :) u need healz? ill get u dont worry thaum lasers pew pew pew lol"
[CHAT - GameMaster Rias would totally nuke Rooks]: Here's how elemancy works: The freeblegreeble and the zippoflasm have to be combined with the correct ration of himbleplimp, then you add the gargenheimer and adjust the froopulon for the pattern you want, apply some tarratarrtarr, yibble the wantaban, and let 'er rip!


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