Regarding accusations of favoritism

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Regarding accusations of favoritism

Post by Jirato » Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:06 am

Should you believe there is any favoritism for a specific person among any members of the CLOK team, please mail me directly at Do not involve the other GMs in this, unless you feel that *I* am the one showing favoritism, in which case feel free mail the whole team at Our entire team takes these accusations very seriously. Yes, this is just a "hobby" of ours, but we still want to see it grow, and that includes seeing the community grow. We all realize that if we showed favoritism to one player over others, then that would be harmful to the community. We try our best to avoid it, but sometimes we may not see things in the same perspective as you.

However, there seems to be a rather rampant problem with people tossing the "favoritism" word around just because they don't agree with the outcome of a particular encounter or situation. Please try to maintain a "big-picture" view when considering these actions. Also note that we DO NOT discuss any sort of disciplinary actions we take against other players.

Also keep in mind that spreading gossip and rumors and slander about suspected favoritism with other players is just like spreading a sickly poison to the game community. I suggest you use extreme caution and consideration when telling other players that you feel there is an issue of bias from another GM.

In all cases we've seen thus far, it's usually been a confusion of policy, failure to view things from a whole-picture perspective, simply not having enough facts, or just plain slander. But I still want to know what YOU think. Maybe you've seen something in a way that I hadn't considered before. Maybe you've seen something I just missed. I will address this myself.

Bottom line: Email me at if you think something fishy is going on. Do not involve the other GMs. While I can't tell you NOT to tell other players, I'd strongly discourage you from doing so.
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