Reminder: Write/Mail is IC!

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Reminder: Write/Mail is IC!

Post by Jirato » Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:38 am

Just a reminder, anything you use the write command to compose in-game, such as letters sent via the mail or npcmail commands, is meant to be purely in-character and comply with policy 1. Failure to stick to this may result in the postal workers suddenly refusing to deliver your mail.
policy 1
-=Role-playing and OOCness=-

CLOK is a role-playing game. This means that players interact in the world playing the part of their characters in a western/gaslamp/steampunk(ish) fantasy environment.
This is known as 'in character' (IC) and means that the player is acting out the part believably. The term 'out of character' (OOC) means that the player is behaving
inconsistently with their character's situation in the game, such as discussing the latest sports event or real life news, or communicating in languages other than
English or an IC language.

Players are expected to remain in character. Generally, if someone wants or needs to be OOC (such as explain game mechanics to another player), they may do so via the
question command, which allows you to chat OOC with other players on a global help channel. Otherwise, using tell or being in an OOC area like the arena or the Mentor
Lounge is encouraged for OOC behavior.

Use of OOC knowledge to inform your character IC is against policy. We enforce RP, which means that your character would not know everything that you as a player know.
Sharing IC information, or information that would not be generally known about the world, through OOC channels is not allowed and can result in restriction from chat,
question, or tells.

When one individual is reducing the enjoyment of other players by out-of-character behavior (be it by speech, actions, ESP messages, or any other method of communication
within CLOK), this may be considered disruptive behavior. Whispers, direct messages to another player through ESP, mail, or any other methods of communication are
included, especially if the recipient objects.

Staff member characters (GMs and DEVs) are around to help build the game and work out bugs. However, they are inherently OOC entities because of their responsibilities.
Because of the reasons a player may need the assistance of a staff member, interactions with staff characters are not required to be IC. This only applies to staff
member characters, not interactions with non-player characters (merchants, creatures, guildmasters, or other NPCs). Those interactions should be considered IC.
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