Transfer: fixed and re-enabled

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Transfer: fixed and re-enabled

Post by Jirato » Thu Sep 10, 2015 5:58 am

If any of y'all were around about half a year ago, you know we disabled transfer for a couple weeks while we restructured it to catch all the get/put exceptions that it was unintentionally bypassing. An example of one such exception is preventing PUT from working when the item you are PUTting into a container would cause that container to exceed its max weight.

We had thought it was fixed, but it continued to be a problem and several people were transferring many items past a container's weight limit. There's no telling if this was intentional or not, and I'm not going to go on a rampage pointing fingers and calling names or anything. It was an oversight in my code.

This should hopefully be fixed now. Transfer is a bit intricate due to its nature, and there might still be one or two exceptions that it still isn't catching. But from my internal testing, the weight limits are being counted properly again.

PLEASE PLEASE send a BUG report if you observe otherwise. We need to know if something like this is being exploited. There should really never be a container other than a barrel that is too heavy to pick up. If there is, there's a high chance that you've either intentionally or inadvertently bypassed the weight restrictions with some sort of bug. It'd be much more beneficial for you to report this ASAP than try to continue using it until we stumble upon it, as the latter will likely result in you losing the container and everything inside.
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