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Re: Changelog

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:17 pm
by Jirato
Blacksmiths with the correct abilities can now forge ceremonial bloodglass armor. Beware that this armor is for looks only and will not fare well in a real fight.
By popular vote, the who list has been reverted to show all player names regardless of friend status. Players using the RPHardcore option will still remain anonymous and be unable to use who.
Several new items have been added to the loot feeder, which is used to populate loot for locked boxes.
A new ritual command has been added, which is basically a logged version of act or emote. This is mostly to be used similar to the think command, when you do something you want us to take notice of.

The Ruins of Pelos now have a proper weather station.
Haiban has a locksmith now. Look for a hut on Coalition Street in Haiban North.
Bloated carriers in the Abandoned Caravan have been changed to be a unique spawn.
Bandits in Ebon Pass now have dodge skill.
There is now a road leading north of Haiban to Mistral Lake.

Shadgard: Elric's Attire now sells handkerchiefs.
Haiban: A brand new fine dining restaurant has been released. Thanks to Hayl for his speedy building and delicious mind!

The Claw of Shar is once again joinable without GM interaction.
New items have been added to Claw of Shar and Harbingers of Aranas shops.
New items have been added to the Guild of Thieves shops.
The Wyrvardn Honorhall has received some long-needed attention, including a common storage crate and a post board.
Wyrvardn will now see their recognition points in the guild command.
Wyrvardn can now receive training from guild trainers for recognition points rather than riln.
The amount of riln awarded form Wyrvardn tasks has been reduced.

Bug Fixes:
It is no longer possible to receive services from a locksmith if you have what is considered "low faction".
Go bridge from the north side of the Haiban bridge will no longer take you to the south bridge entrance.
All shops in Haiban are now properly set to the Trade Coalition faction.
The Elemancy shop in the Haiban Elemancy Chapter is now properly set to guild-only.
The message that shows up when using the effects command while webbed is now a little more descriptive.
Fixed a bug with the Harbingers of Aranas guild ability "Initation Rite".
The Templar ability "Serafina's Blessing" will no longer show chant_resolve as a pre-requisite.

There is now a command stacking limit to decrease server load.
There is now a skill cap of 2500 skill points for any single skill.
The think command is now logged and sent ito all staff in a daily summary event report.
Trying to depart while on cooldown will now tell you exactly how long you have to wait.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Fri May 20, 2016 4:20 am
by Jirato
- It is now possible to compare two held items to determine their weight difference.
- When using esp rescue, it is now possible to specify a number of rescue pulses up to 6. Example: esp rescue 3

- A few more trainers have been added in the Hyra Redlake Area. Enjoy!
- Infested activity is increased in the Tarueka Environs. Please note this area is still slated for a revamp.

- Ashdell now shows on the world map and wilderness compass.

- Wyrvardn trainers updated further.
- Rook Parlour now has a new ability.
- The Loreekeeper Sanctuary has had a major facelift.

Bug Fixes:
- Bows will no longer fire crossbow bolts.
- Word of Tranquility will now disrupt active channeling when successfully applied.
- All shops in the Temple of Webs should again allow purchases while bloody.
- It is now possible to fell and chop trees with weapons using the 'logging_axe' base (Such as the single-bit iron logging axe).
- Pheasant meat is again sellable at markets.
- Trying to dual wield weapons in combat without the Melee: Dual Wielding ablity will now always result in failure regardless of skill.
- Utasa agents will no longer be sent to the Tarueka interior for guild tasks.

- You will now notice that is a little more difficult to remain hidden to stand up, or otherwise move to reload a large unwieldy crossbow. However, this change does not affect an already loaded crossbow.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 4:25 pm
by Jirato
- A new esp command is available to better help with rescuing someone who had died. For proper syntax please type ESP RESCUE

- The Mistveil Keep Waystation between Westbrook and Mistral Lake has been completed.
- Huntable critters (spawned with the hunt command) have been added to the following areas: Tyrol, Blackdusk Grove, Ebon Foothills, Abneridge Foothills
- Weather stats assigned/fixed for the following areas (and a few secretive others): Nelra, Bandit Fort, Brackenridge Pass, Sawinee Grasslands, Sawinee Beach, Sawinee Hills, Stirling Expanse, Brawler's Retreat
- There should no longer be any left-over indications that Keth is at all occupied (room scripts, NPC crowd text, etc).

- Mistral Lake: The General Store now sells keyrings and lanyards.
- Mistral Lake: The crippled hunter has returned to his rocking chair in the Straight Arrow shop, willing to train some skills.
- Mistral Lake: A weathered bushcrafter has taken to hanging around the general store, teaching some surival-related skills.
- Mistral Lake: A massive one-eyed brute has been seen chatting with the fisherman in Town Square, and is willing to teach some combat skills.
- Mistral Lake: A graying blademaster is willing to teach some combat skills at Gheistbane Arms.
- Mistral Lake: A small entry arch has been added just outside the workyard proper. Nelana has taken to staying here in order to offer lessons even to those whom aren't paying to use the workyard.
- Mistral Lake: A platform and headsman's block has been added to Town Square. Behave!
- Mistral Lake: A donations center has been added to the Mistral Lake Citizen Services hall. Its entry is just next to the main hall entry, and can also be accessed via the main hall lob

- The Claw of Shar ability, "Nether Claws" is no longer hidden until pre-requisites are met, as it ias a launching point for the rest of the Claw abilities, which mostly require sorcery.

Bug Fixes:
- The following creature types have had their sizes/weights fixed: skunk, badger, muskrat, rat, mallard, owl, pheasant, turkey, squirrel, coyote
- Lots of room name/description/item typos have been corected.
- Mounts can no longer be ridden into certain tiny huts.
- Many areas that previously had no names (NONAME) should now have names assigned.
- Many rooms that had a bad (typoed) area assigned have been fixed.
- A few duplicate portals (doors, entryways, etc.) have been removed.

- Until a more appropriate solution can be put in place, it is again possible to heave water barrels with only one person. We hope this will alleviate some of the current frustrations with farming.
- Until a more appropriate solution can be put in place, Rook soul retrieval no longer has a temporary taint mechanic.
- It is now possible to chat even when not logged in as a character.
- It is now possible to choose a chat nickname via the nick command.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:16 am
by Jirato
The following changes have been made to writable books:
- You can now SHOW books to others so they can read the current page.
- You can no longer re-write over the same page over and over.
- You can now write in a different language on each page!
- New writable books purchased from Mistral or Shagard have had their weights changed and there is now a larger book available with more pages.
- Handheld slates and chalk can now be purchased at the Mistral Lake or Shadgard bookstores.
- It is no longer possible for Rooks to animate the corpse of something that has been dead for over 3 days due to decomposition.
- A new ability is now being offered to those who completely master the aeromancy school of elemancy! Please expect changes to this spell as we continue to develop it.

- The Mistral Lake Environs area has been renamed to Central Mistveil Dominion.
- The Brittlebranch Forest area has been renamed to Southern Mistveil Dominion - Brittlebranch Forest
- The Mistveil Dominion has completed construction of the waystation between Mistral Lake and Haiban.

Bug Fixes:
- The temporary instant unlearning of the Dual Wield ability that was supposed to only run for a month sometime last year has been reset to the standard unlearning time.
- The exits command will no longer work in dark rooms.
- Wandering NPCs will no longer enter guildonly portals unless they are in the correct guild to access them.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:30 am
by Jirato
- SpoOOoOOooky ghosts, grinning pumpkins and all manner of devilish mischief has returned to the lost lands. This can only mean one thing, the Octum Festival is about to begin!

- While holding a readable object you can now SHOW ALL to allow everyone in the area to read it while you are still holding it. SYNTAX: SHOW ALL then LOOK <NAME> <OBJECT>

- There are now critters to hunt on the Emleth Prairie.
- The Saucy Templar has been demolished and a new building project has begun in its place.

- One of the warehouses in Haiban has been opened for... something.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 2:57 am
by Jirato
- You will now be prompted for a confirmation when attempting to give riln to an NPC/critter.
- There will now be visual feedback when an un-raisable corpse is brought to an NPC Soul Retrieval or Soul Beacon location.
- A new system has been implemented for two-way communication between GMs and players in response to REPORT/REQUEST. When contacted by a GM using this new method, you will be prompted to use the pagereply command to submit a response. This allows you to bypass guest nickname restrictions in TELL and also saves you (and us) from the added spam of having to type report or request a second time to reply with additional information.
- Cycan colored asterisks will appear after abilities that you are eligible to learn when typing ability show
- You can now send a tell to someone by their partial nickname rather than their full nickname.

Re: Changelog

Posted: Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:22 pm
by Jirato
Future changes will be posted (Semi-real time) here: ... opment_Log. I'll work on getting an in-game tool to view it set up soon.