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Posted: Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:17 am
by Rias
The food command can be now used, and will display a list of food items in a character's inventory. This will not include medicinal herbs.

The weapons command can be now used, and will display a list of weapons in a character's inventory. This will not include hurlable food items.

Typing bandage by itself will now display a list of bandages in a character's inventory.

Patients in the Western Coalition infirmary will now have the proper faction, as well as unique nouns (traders, loggers, blacksmiths, etc.).

Atlas Stem can now be used in poultices.

The 'masterfully-crated' knapping bug has been fixed.

Animals spawned via the hunt command will now despawn after an amount of time and should no longer wander out of their native area to roam the wide world.

The bug with "potent ground herbs" tasks accepting average or inferior has been fixed (for realsies this time).

Monks should no longer get guild points for healing themselves.

The ocean, grotto, and peak wagons in the Mummers' Camp should now have 3rd-person messaging when someone enters and exits them.

The training warriors and similar ran off due to a bug, but it's been decided to leave them gone. There are plenty of options out in real hunting areas that are as easy as, if not easier than, the training warriors, and hopefully this will cut down on AFK scripting.

Some wildlife has been added around Mistral Lake. Some of it roams the open, others must be hunted.

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:22 pm
by Rias
Herbalist NPCs will now priortize healing a character's most severely-wounded hit locations first.

Characters can now pull their clothing articles while hidden or in the dark.

Characters can no longer claw while pulling something.

Characters can no longer move while pulling something with both hands full.

Characters can now extinguish with adjectives (for example, extinguish glass lantern).

Characters can no longer heat something while sitting.

Scarecrow farmers that once wielded spades now wield trowels, as was the original intent. Silly shovel terminology mix-ups.

Farming Reform Stage I is finished. Details: viewtopic.php?pid=9766#p9766

Trowels and pick mattocks can now be purchased at the Shadgard Blacksmith and the Mistral Lake General Store.

Nethrim will now immediately get burned if they pick up something they shouldn't.

Watering soil will now continue to auto-water as long as there is a water source and there are plots that require watering.

NPC repairs now have a long wait period while the item is being repaired. Players who wish to have their items repaired more quickly are encouraged to ask PC crafters to perform the repairs.

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:50 pm
by Rias
Fasa characters may now speak the Fasa language.

The second- and third-tier geobolt spells, as well as a few other heavy crushing spells, will now have a high chance of crushing the target's shield arm when blocked.

Block-crush attacks which harm the shield arm when blocked should now occur significantly more often.

The following spells now do bludgeon damage instead of crush:
Hydro I (compressed)
Hydro II/III (uncompressed)
Geo I (uncompressed)
Aero I/II/III (uncompressed/compressed)

The hydro/aero "mist" spell is now untargetted, and simply increases the room's fog rating.

The hydro/hydro/aero "fog" spell has been added. It is untargetted, greatly increases the room's fog rating, hides the caster, and breaks combat engagement.

Posted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 10:59 pm
by Rias
Wilderness maps now auto-update as the world changes or expands and should no longer mislead people due to human error.

Study timers should no longer go down in OOC areas.

When a character studies or trains in a skill, it is now required for that character to personally practice (in the form of skillgain) the skill before receiving additional training in it. The amount of required practice remaining will show up via the skills command. Skillgain bonuses do not apply toward the amount of practice that is required.

It is now possible to bake pies. Check Simon's wagon in Mistral Lake for ingredients.

When selling commodities at a market out of a wagon, it is now possible to specify what should be sold from the wagon. For example, sell pine log will sell all the pine logs in a wagon and nothing else.

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2012 7:54 am
by Rias
It is now possible hitch horses to particular wagons, by using hitch horse to pine wagon, or something similar. Note: modifiers don't work on horses.

It is no longer possible to hitch a horse to a wagon that already has something hitched to it.

It is now possible to use modifiers when retrieving horses from a stable.

Characters can no longer recover nor bury things while mounted.

Player characters can now repair leather armor.

Characters will now auto-get daggers when repairing leather.

When selling items from a wagon at a market, it is possible to specify how many you would like to sell by using sell # item.

Having two mounts with the same noun will no longer break mounting (but more than 2 might, still).

It is now possible to cook pies and stews. See Simon's wagon in Keth for supplies.

Bystanders will no longer see a character remove articles of clothing when the character is hiding (unless they're aware of the character's hiding spot).

It is now possible to actually catch fish at the Mistral Lake dock.

Infested carriers have had their attack weakened slightly - they will only strike once per attack.

It is no longer possible to sit on things when hiding.

It is no longer possible to bandage other people while hiding.

It is now possible to specify targets by number when casting spells, i.e. cast wonder 3 guard would cast Wonder at the third guard in the room.

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:30 pm
by Rias
It it no longer possible to till, weed, water, or plant (farming) while hiding.

A tanner shop has been added to Dwaedn Vil.

Food has been added to the Grizzly Den at Dwaedn Vil.

All areas in Dwaedn Vil now have room descriptions.

Bear's Strength, Blessing of the Bear, and Blessing of the Bison will now reduce both handcart-pulling and dragging roundtime.

Blessing of the Serpent now also gives a chance per attack to reduce roundtime.

Characters teaching skills to other characters should now properly assign skill training bonuses.

If a character is healed by a monk with the Spirit Augmentation ability, the healed character will receive a minor Spirit Augmentation effect on the healed hit location. This effect occurs with normal thaumaturgy casts, Spirit Healing, and Sunbeam.

The Spirit Augmentation effect now slowly fades over time.

If a monk with the Spirit Augmentation ability is channeling thaumaturgy, the monk's hit locations will have a chance to gain levels of the Spirit Augmentation effect over time as long as a thaumaturgy channel is maintained.

The messaging for leatherworking repair now correctly communicates whether the armor is completely repaired or requires more work.

A low-quality abandoned mine tunnel has been added to the Coalition reserve land, to give Traders a local place to work on mining skill without requiring a permit.

It is now possible to hunt on the Coalition reserve game trail.

Creatures spawned by hunting will now spawn in hiding (with the hunter aware of their hiding spot).

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 2:28 am
by Rias
The more powerful hireswords have been removed from the Coalition barracks. Traders who wish to hire an extremely powerful Coalition mercenary are urged to contact Spearhead.

The offense bonus to mounted charge has been re-evaluated and lowered a bit.

The Templar have withdrawn from the Shadgard gatehouse, now that the Shadgard militia has security well in hand.

The aeromancer Olivia in Shadgard is no longer a recruiter for the University of Elemancy.

An elemancer recruiter has been added at the bottom of the University Aero Lift.

The concierge Dunham at Mistral Lake is now a recruiter for Rook Parlour.

Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2012 11:40 pm
by Rias
If a ridden mount is pulling a wagon, it is no longer possible for the rider to charge or trample, and combat for the rider and mount will be significantly hindered.

When a character is pulling or dragging something, combat will be significantly hindered.

Being thrown while riding a mount should now properly dismount a character.

Confetti poppers should be working again.

Forester Devan at the Tse Gaiyan Chapterhouse now teaches skinning.

Mounts should now have their active effects cleared after being retrieved from a stable.

Repairing items (through leatherworking, blacksmithing, or druidry) will now yield skillgains.

It is now possible to actually order the herb book in the Apothecarium.

The bugs with speaking Huec should now be fixed.

Scale metal now appropriately reduces stealth.

Bitemoss, atlas stem, and bloodwort have been added as herb and ground herb tasks.

It is now possible to specifically survey plants, minerals, or fish for reduced roundtime. In addition, channeling druidry will now help with surveying herbs.

skills all should once again show all skills.

skills [skill] should once again show info about the skill as well as the character's level of skill.

Characters with the Tracking ability will now have significantly increased success when hunting.

It is once again possible to put filled drink holders (mugs, tankards, etc.) on (not in) other items, such as tables or counters.

Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:48 pm
by Rias
Higher Riding skill will now allow a character to mount and dismount faster, to a minimum of 1 second.

Characters with certain rare conditions will find some information on those conditions via the effects command.

The Guild of Thieves tumble/flip ability now has a slight cooldown period in which it is less likely to occur. This should only be noticeable when being attacked by multiple opponents.

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:27 pm
by Rias
If a mount is left unstabled, there may be a fine if the stables find it and nurse it back to health.

It is now possible to forge sabres.

The guild command has been updated to send guildless characters to the right place for joining Udemi or Utasa.

It is no longer possible to cook while mounted.

Attempting to retrieve a horse and not having enough to pay for it will no longer bring out a random horse.

A general estimate of the character's level of worn armor (i.e. lightly-armored, moderately-armored, heavily-armored) will now be shown next to character names in room looks.

The Church guild areas in Shadgard finally have full room descriptions.

Studying skill books should now grant the correct amount of skill study time and training goal.

Attempting to butcher something that is not butcherable should no longer produce an error.

Being bodily thrown should now reveal a character from hiding.

There is now a minimum of 1 riln storage fee for vaults, even for items that are extremely small and light.

There is now a minimum of 1 bleeding energy loss if a character has any major wounds.

Characters' souls should no longer bleed after they have left their body. It was funny though.

Areas of the Tse Gaiyan Chapterhouse should no longer share the weather of the Shadgard environs area.

New characters should now start already on the new layered clothing system.

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 11:35 pm
by Rias
Bandages now sell as "untreated" bandages, so as to be easily distinguishable via syntax from poultice-treated bandages.

The patrons of the Grizzly Den now appreciate some good storytelling.

Cold damage now has a lower chance than other damage types of waking a target from sleep.

Cold damage now causes a drop in target temperature similar to cold weather effects.

If a character's temperature is low enough, the character may suffer drowsiness, which can compound into unconsciousness.

Thaumaturgic healing effects will now reduce the target's drowsiness.

Watermelon and pumpkin seeds are now available for sale at the Western Coalition HQ.

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 4:52 pm
by Rias
It is no longer possible to avoid an attack via tumble or wavebending distortion when intercepting an attack on someone else.

When intercepting an attack on someone, the guard's dodge roll will now always be 0. Work on those parry and block skills.

Auto-forging should now stop if the metal being worked on requires heating.

It is no longer possible to loot while mounted.

Newly skinned pelts will include 'raw' as an adjective for ease of retrieval.

Incense will now show in the room description when lit.

The herbs command will now display any herbs in a character's inventory.

Footstomp now inflicts a dodge penalty on the target.

Messaging should once again inform a character that a portal is closed when the character tries to go through it.

Battlefury now reduces tree felling and chopping roundtimes.

It is once again possible to forage flint in appropriate places.

It is now possible to put fishing poles into pole harnesses.

Mummers are now able to learn the Tumble and Flip abilities.

Using blacksmithing to create a morning-star will now use the updated morning-star base type.

Auto-digging no longer repeatedly attempts to dig if there is something preventing a character from digging.

The wording when refreshing ice-barbs on armor has been made more clear.

Most automatically repeating actions will now properly stop when a character moves to a different room.

Dwaedn Wyr under the effects of Bear's Strength or Bear's Blessing are now able to pull wagons.

armor and look will now agree about the level of damage to armor pieces.

Knapped broadheads will now sell at the market.

Characters may now use the die command to expedite the inevitable when unconcious and either bleeding or starving with no one to save them.

Holly has been added to the shadgard carpenter store. She is a trainer in woodworking, carpentry and logging.

Special mine caverns will no longer occur more than once in the same room.

It is now possible to hamstring with handaxes.

Dwaedn Wyr may now learn the Bullrush ability.

Posted: Sun Dec 09, 2012 1:55 pm
by Rias
A bug with Tumble not working for Mummers has been fixed.

Harvesting crops should now properly set regrowable crops back to the correct growth stage and timer.

Foliage now negates the open plains stealth penalty.

Wearing anything that covers the ears and/or eyes now causes significant perception penalties.

Hiding and unhiding results should now be more consistent and generally improved.

It is now possible to leathercraft rigid leather bucklers and shields.

Posted: Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:31 am
by Rias
A leatherworking and skinning trainer has been added to Amlaidh's shop in Dwaedn Vil.

NPCs infested by resen spores should now properly experience the benefits and penalties associated with such.

Weeding should now provid a small amount of farming skillgain.

Templar may now get armor and weapons repaired at their armory with a lower wait time than normal.

Bar cutters in the major city workshops have been changed to accept oversized metal bars.

Water elementals are now pro swimmers and will stop getting stranded in the waters of Red Lake.

Water elementals now have damage resistances appropriate for a creature made up of water and will no longer retain physical injuries or be defeated from lethal wounds.

Water elementals now have their own specific AI.

The bug with Wilderness movement always showing the mover "heading off into the wilderness" has been fixed.

Leathercrafting will now only use up as much leather as is required from a worktable instead of using all leather on a worktable every time.

It is now possible to work with multiple items or projects on a single leatherworking worktable.

It is now possible to leathercraft two types of drink holders: flasks and waterskins. Both are able to be attached to a belt.

The new count command can be used to count a specific item in a character's inventory. For example, count fresh fraer root will show exactly how many fresh fraer roots are being carried and where they are located.

Players will now earn OOC achievements for certain feats. Players may view which achievements they have unlocked with the achievements command.

The amount of alchemical damage inflicted on nethrim by iron and steel has been reduced.

Coalition Traders no longer receive guild points for simply selling commodities at markets.

Coalition Traders now have tasks.

Posted: Sat Dec 29, 2012 2:55 pm
by Rithiel
Players can show items to NPCs.

The minion lay command will now work with shadow beasts.

Using geomancy to till fields will now work.

Cooks can be creative. See the post in the cooking folder for more details. If you are in a room next to a river or other water source, you can cook with water instead of stock. Onions can now be used in meat pies and hearty stews.

You can now cut fish into filets.

Tangle root skillgains have been adjusted (up).

The Corvus Dreadnaught now trains the chained weapon skill.

Guild point gains for using ranged weapons have been increased to be comparable to melee.

Individuals who insists on stabling mounts in houses or other inappropriate places may find little presents waiting for them.

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 11:52 pm
by Rias
The animated rats and ravens in the Shadgard graveyard no longer provide soul shreds.

Knights Templar are now able to learn the Disarm ability.

Bear Claw energy usage has been increased.

An unintentionally critter-free room in Red Marsh has been fixed to allow critters to venture there.

It is now possible for characters with some form of darkvision to hide in completely dark rooms.

Certain methods of energy gain can now cause detrimental jitters if used too often.

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:21 am
by Rias
Mercenary Weapon Mastery abilities have been changed to no longer grant additional strikes, but to give a passive 10% bonus to accuracy, increased chance to land additional strikes (but no more than normally possible), and potentially increased minimum and maximum damage.

It is now only possible for mercenaries to specialize in one weapon type.

It is no longer possible to feint a target who is currently being flanked.

Coup de Mort now forces Offensive tactics upon use.

Multi-Opponent Combat no longer grants the Spin Attack capability.

Spin Attack is now a single ability. Those with the second and third versions of the ability have had their ability points refunded. Spin Attack now can either attack 2 separate targets, or a single target two times.

The version of Spin Attack that strikes multiple targets now requires the targets to be in Engage position in order for them to be considered as potential targets.

Spin Attack now forces tactics to None if executed while in tactics Dodge, Block, or Parry.

If the spinattack command is used without a target specified and only one potential target is present, the focused version of Spin Attack will be executed on the single target.

Spirit Healing now silently causes a second of roundtime to the channeler per second maintained, and the issue with stacking roundtime should be fixed.

Many melee actions are now subject to defenses such as Position Avoid/Ranged, tumble, distortion, luring into traps, etc. Charge-like actions such as Charge, Shield Charge, and Bullrush have an increased chance to close to Engage position on targets in positions Avoid and Ranged.

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:41 pm
by Rias
Thief burglary task homes now have chances to contain more items, some valuable, some not.

Scarecrows now have their own unique set of hit locations and damage resistances, rather than being based off soft, fleshy humans.

Assassinate and Cutthroat will no longer reveal the identity of the attacker, given they're successful enough. Bystanders have a higher chance of noticing the attacker's identity than the target.

Thieves may now get tasks in Mistral Lake.

It is now possible to specify a particular container when attempting to steal from someone, i.e. steal rias backpack. Those with lower Picking Pockets skill will suffer a penalty for targeting a specific container rather than going with the more opportunistic untargeted version.

Guards and other law officers will no longer try to stop previously-escaped characters from moving if that character has since had their charges cleared.

The compass command can now be used to display the compass.

It is now possible to carve spear hafts and knap stone spearheads.

Posted: Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:07 pm
by Rithiel
Posts on town post boards will now expire after 1 week.

Having the ANSI color option disabled will cause {curly brackets} to appear around the names of hostile creatures.

Rats now appear in the Shadgard mine and wild hares now appear just south of the ruins outside of Mistral. They are both skinnable.

Bloodwort has new growth conditions that will hopefully make it more plentiful, or at least easier to find.

Many rooms that were previously missing foliage have had it added.

Druids may now cultivate herbs. See the druidry folder for more information.

Pronouns when accepting and declining tutoring will now be gender appropriate.

Wheat and tomato seeds are available for sale in the Western Coalition. Terrible singers and performers beware.

Accept now has appropriate prevents for things like roundtime and unconsciousness.

You can no longer skin pelts while being attacked, sitting, or prone.

You can now sell items in wagons you are pulling at markets.

Clothing items can be pulled from hiding (really this time).

The slight lag that has been popping up recently should be decreased.

Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2013 1:27 pm
by Rias
Come check out the Shadgard Music Shoppe, located conveniently near the Shadgard Bank.

Newly made characters will now start with custom equipment based off of their race.

It is now possible to play musical instruments (or at least attempt to!).

It is now possible to examine a musical instrument to see which skill playing it is based on.

Mummers now receive a bit of Channeling skillgain as well as guild points for successfully channeling their Words. The amounts are intentionally low.

Items at Dred's Threads in the Guild of Thieves have been updated. Items purchased there before this update can be updated by a GM.

It is now possible to hamstring with a katar.

Word of Tranquility should now work without producing an error.

Posted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:37 pm
by Rithiel
You may now use the empty command to empty the contents of one container into another.

Seeds no longer come in packets and must be customized in a store.

Items that must be customized can now be ordered in bulk, using the last custom option.

The plant command can now be used with a modifier after it if the seeds are in a worn container. Example: plant watermelon

Ranged critters will no longer only attack the first person in the room, if they were before (like poachers).

Channeling encumbrance has been significantly increased for heavier armor types.

There is now an encumbrance check upon initially opening a channel.

In game time is back on Mountain Time.

Shield Use gains on successful blocks have been fixed.

Chain-class armor has been improved, working under the assumption that a layer of leather is being worn underneath, rather than chain on bare skin.

The different types of shields now give differing flat bonuses to block:
buckler: 5
shield: 25
kite shield: 50
tower shield: 100

Light, well-balanced weapons such as shortswords, rapiers, and sabres now have a chance to make a single additional strike after bashing with a buckler.

The prices of produce have been reduced significantly. Sorry, farmers. Some staff apparently forgot that the prices were being multiplied by number of bites.

It is now possible to use the occupants command to see a line-separated list of room occupants, rather than strung together on a single line as in the standard look.

Freezing Aura, for those who have learned the ability, is now automatically active as long as that character is channeling Cryomancy. It is no longer manually cast.

Freezing Aura now increases the chances of a cold "flare" on melee attacks, and slightly increases the damage of said flares.

Mercenary Weapon Masteries should no longer prevent learning other non-weapon-mastery abilities.

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:53 pm
by Rithiel
Requirements for learning magic in guilds have changed. You can no longer learn magic from a trainer without having one point in the skill. You will receive this point from certain guild abilities.

Damage for single-channel casts of sorcery, cryomancy, and geomancy have been increased.

Jackets and coats will no longer duplicate when you strip.

New characters will receive a skill gain bonus for their first 35 skill points. Choose wisely.

Spells and ranged attacks will now do max damage to targets that are unconscious, sapped, or comatose (melee attacks already did).

Rooks are required to take soul harvest as a first guild ability.

Elemancers are required to take an apprentice magic ability as their first guild ability.

The sorcery requirement for nether vision has been increased or decreased (depending on which guild) to 50 skill ranks.

Players will no longer be asked to provide potent ground herbs until they have at least 50 herbalism skill.

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:24 pm
by Rithiel
A bug with forged weapon bonuses was fixed. Some people may notice an increase in their skill roll when using a forged weapon, while others might notice a significant decrease. Masterful weapons give a bonus of 15% as intended.

Critters in over-hunted areas will now produce less riln, while critters in under-hunted areas will produce more riln.

Riln drops from critter kills is no longer affected by number of people in an area or their skills.

Injured people now spawn at hamlet infirmaries.

Hibernate will no longer cost energy in addition to the energy from druidry.

You can no longer hide while swimming.

Trying to look at a second critter when one is dead in the room should no longer produce an error.

The inn at keth now has storytelling preferences.

Speaking in a language other than common will be the same color as normal speech.

Custom ordering will corretly apply adjectives again.

Upon logging in you will not continue cratfing or resource gathering.

Rooks will no longer be sent to places that will squish them like bugs.

Rations from the Shadgard General Store no longer weigh a pound.

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 4:14 pm
by Rithiel
You can specify what and how much you'd like to see from a held container, much like you already could with wagons.

Brawling with either canim or nether claws and both hands empty will now properly work with two weapon combat.

Previously, new players with low combat skills would be told there was nothing their level for certain tasks. This shouldn't happen anymore.

Utasa and Udemi each have a new task and a new ability.

Certain individuals may or may not have found a way back into a certain town they may or may not have been kicked out of.

For characters who have not used a dorm or church cell for the first time, it is working correctly again.

Asking taskmasters about tasks will now function the same as asking them about task.

Individuals well practiced at first aid may find themselves able to tie bandages off quicker.

Assassins can no longer study when not hiding (and shame on you for studying somebody in the open).

You may now use the sayto command as an alternative to say ::(person) when directing speech.

You can no longer eat while under attack.

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:56 pm
by Rithiel
Player-crafted lockpicks no longer weigh 10 times more than store-bought lockpicks.

Assassins have had the stealth requirement to learn shadow strike increase to be on par with the skill requirement of thieves.

It is no longer possible to empty a container into a target container that is in another container.

Using empty incorrectly or with an invalid target from hiding will no longer cause the character to return to their hiding spot and incur roundtime.

It is now possible to interact with critters when other critters of the same name are hiding in the same room.

Shops, NPCs, and other services may no longer be willing to accommodate people of low faction standing for that area, even if they aren't regarded as strictly hostile.

It is no longer possible to jab, charge, shield charge, or bullrush in complete darkness (unless the character can see in the dark somehow, of course).

The wiki has had a serious overhaul.

Characters should now receive first-person messaging on all movement, including compass directions and going through portals.

Moving will now cancel both fishing and spearfishing.

Returning handcarts and wagons will now give you slightly more riln. The price of wagons has been increased.

Much as you can eat all, you can now drink all.

Being in an inappropriate trance will not break the trance, instead of trying to keep casting.