Re-release of player mines

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Re-release of player mines

Post by Jirato » Mon Jul 03, 2017 5:50 am

Player mines have been re-released. To start a mine, please buy a claim stake at one of the four major town's general stores, or for a reduced rate at the Artisan's import shop in Haiban if you are an Artisan.

To start a mine, you must first find an appropriate room in the wilderness. The room must have either mountains or hills, as seen with the ENVIRONMENT command. And there must be no other mine in the area. Holding your claim stake in your right hand, simply type CLAIM to place your stake. You must then DIG the entrance to your mine. Note that this will take quite a bit of effort, but once the entrance is complete, it is permanent.

Once you are inside the entrance, you may again DIG to expand it to a workable size. Once the size is sufficient, you can then begin to branch out into other directions by typing DIG (direction). For example, DIG EAST.

Mine rooms, other than the entrance, will slowly decay over time and will need periodic digging to maintain. You may seek out a carpenter to build mine supports which can be placed in your mine to slow this decay rate. In addition, the brass sconces sold at the Haiban Outfitter's may be placed on mine supports to provide a light source. They will still need to be periodically refilled with oil, but will allow you to mine with your hands free without having to worry about carrying a lantern.

Please note the mine system will be undergoing some additional tweaks and changes over the life of the game, but we hope that everyone can have an opportunity to enjoy mining as we used to back in the day before it was removed.
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Re: Re-release of player mines

Post by Lun » Wed Jul 05, 2017 6:45 pm

Exciting news! I've always liked player mines and had been sad that they were no longer purchaseable to the public for a few years (but still around, for the most part.) Two hips and a hooray for you mining folk!

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Re: Re-release of player mines

Post by merin » Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:23 pm

So, I’ve noticed a couple things with player mines that seem a bit off.

Digging out the mine itself took like, hours. I understand that am ok with it. Digging another room from when it was just created until it’s a little bigger also took hours. From the changelog, I was under the impression it wasn’t supposed to be this way. Also, it gets to a point where when I type dig, it says I’ve made progress in the area, and won’t let me continue digging. I was under the impression that we could get it from like a narrow hole to a narrow tunnel (which is where I got it) and beyond. I can’t bring my horse into the mine, either. Are there a couple bugs or are they working as intended?

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