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New room backup schedule

Post by Jirato » Thu Jan 11, 2018 4:16 am

Rooms will now be backed up 4 times a day rather than once a day. Previously, these backups occurred at 6AM eastern time (4AM game time). They will now occur at 6AM, 12PM, 6PM, and 12AM (4AM, 10AM, 4PM, 10PM game time). There is a brief freeze while the room saving scripts run. During this time all other CLOK processes are frozen, the game will queue input but not process it until after the rooms are saved.

It's been a long-term project to both convert rooms from flatfiles to a database, and implement a rolling backup system for them. However, with the 7984 rooms and how heavily integrated all the room handling code is to pretty much every other system in the game, this is a pretty big task.
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