Rules regarding multiple characters and transfer of riln/goods

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Rules regarding multiple characters and transfer of riln/goods

Post by Rias » Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:07 am

Something was brought to my attention tonight that prompted me to officially write out a couple rules regarding multiple characters and transferring of items or riln. Breaking these rules will have in-game consequences when appropriate, and will also have out-of-character consequences, ranging from warnings to banning.

It is not okay to:
- Acquire riln, items, or any other goods or services on one character and transfer them to one of your alternate characters, regardless of method (dropping and switching characters, mailing, giving to another player's character who then transfers it to your alternate, or any other chain of events that results in such). Your alternate characters must remain completely separate from one another.

- Make a character for the sole purpose of joining a guild to gain access to its exclusive items in order to distribute them to others.

- Accept items or any other goods or services from someone as in the example above. Admittedly you may not know that the other character is doing this, so investigations can be made. We keep logs.

Example: Fred the Elemancer discovers that making money isn't as easy as he'd like. He hears about the wonders of Traders and how easily they make money. The player makes an alternate character named Stan, who joins the Trader guild and makes lots of riln. The player then decides Fred could use some of that riln to fund his student supplies and studies, so he:
- has Stan drop riln somewhere, logs out, logs back in as Fred and picks up the riln
- has Stan give riln to his friend Mary and asks Mary to in turn give the riln to Fred
- has Stan purchase expensive items and mail them to Fred so Fred can pawn them for money
None of these actions are acceptable.

Some situations may be deemed acceptable on a case-by-case basis. For instance, if you have a Dwaedn Wyr character and an Elemancer character, and your Elemancer somehow comes across an Uber Heavy Axe of Doomy Slicing by chance, we could probably be convinced to be sympathetic to the situation and let your Elemancer transfer the axe to the Dwaedn Wyr. Just get a GM's attention and we'll more than likely be willing to do the transfer for you.

Note that it is okay to purchase exclusive items from your guild and give them to others that are not your alternate characters, as long as it is not noted to be forbidden. For instance, the only way for non-thieves/utasa to acquire lockpicks would be to befriend a thief/utasa and get one through them. That is okay. If a thief or utasa started distributing those tools too often or too widely, however, their guildmasters might not appreciate it and punish them. Using another example, the Templar armory sign and order messaging both convey that the armory is stocked with items that were acquired with great difficulty and are intended to be used by Templar. Therefore a Templar supplying the entire town with arms from the Armory, or reselling them for personal gain, would be in for chastisement. Giving some to trusted friends or allies to be used in the battle against Corvus, on the other hand, would likely be acceptable. When in doubt, ask via the question command, request to speak with a guildmaster and ask if it would be okay, or even post an inquiry on the BBS.
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Post by River » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:27 pm

Thanks for clarifying these things...I didn't realize a few things.
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Post by Alexander » Tue Jan 10, 2012 11:34 pm

It is good to have the information, for clarity's sake. I must admit some curiosity at the recent surge of Traders, though none have given me any reason to believe they are supplying other characters, or even have or are alternate characters. I do not mean to cast any suspicion, but only to say that the situation caused the question to cross my mind, thinking about how one might use a trader character to fund an alternate non-trader character.
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Re: Rules regarding multiple characters and transfer of riln

Post by Jirato » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:19 pm

Just a note: Anyone found to be in violation of the above or POLICY 4, will be prohibited from having same-IP-blocking restrictions lifted for the purpose of multiple people playing from the same household. Unfortunately, if we can't trust someone to not transfer riln from one character to another, or to not attempt a self-rescue of their other character's corpse, we can't really trust that they actually have a friend or family member that is playing CLOK with them and are not just one person playing two different characters.
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