Ability Suggestions and Tweaks

An elite group of brawlers, street fighters, and ruffians.
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Ability Suggestions and Tweaks

Postby Acarin » Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:25 pm

So after getting a good feel for the guild, I just wanted to post my suggestions for new abilities and changes to existing abilities. I'm really enjoying brofist overall! Great guild with some fun rp and really cool passive abilities (You're my GM hero, Jirato)! Not sure if I've suggested a lot of this before, but apologies if I'm repeating myself.

Ability suggestions:
Exceed Limits - (Tactic based, but similar concept to bloodlust for Shars)
A real fighter pushes themselves to exceed their own perceived physical limits. While physically exhausting, with the proper mental focus a member of the brotherhood is able to become stronger, faster, and almost unshakable.
Pain Suppression
Physicial Conditioning
Brawling: 500
Dodge: 500
When activated, the tactic being used is significantly enhanced. Probably would need a time limit and a cool-down timer before it can be activated again. For when you need to lay everything out on the table!
Tactic dodge: An increase of 50%/25% to dodge/melee and an increased chance to tumble incoming attacking (if the ability is known). Encumbrance is also ignored while active. an additional 5 energy is used per dodge, and 2 energy per tumble.
Tactic parry: An increase of 50%/25% to parry roll/melee. Blade slap can parry heavier weapons and attacks that would not normally be able to be parried or ignore penalties from arm injuries.
Tactic none: -2 seconds rt for brawling attacks, +2 additional attacks, bonus of 25%/25%/25% to brawling/dodge/melee. Attacks drain an additional 10 energy, dodging an additional 5 energy.
Tactic offensive: Slight damage enhancement for brawling, -3 seconds rt for brawling attacks, +4 additional attacks (or +2 if combination intermediate and advanced attacks are ever applied to tactic offensive), bonus of 50%/25% to brawling/melee. Attacks drain an additional 10 energy.

Tactics mastery-
Good fighters quickly adapt to their circumstances without delays.
Melee: 200
Allows tactic changes with no roundtime and tactics can also be changed while in rt (although this becomes more difficult as rt increases).

Sweep the legs! SWEEP. THE. LEGS!
Basic combinations
Brawling: 250
Passive and Active
Chance of adding a sweep attack at the end of combos that results in knockdown, rt, and a possible stun. Low damage.
Can also be activated with the Sweep command.

Knockout Fighter-
Knocking your opponent out is one way to win a fight. All it takes is a bit of precision with one's strikes.
Advanced combinations.
Passive and active
Strikes to the head, neck, and eyes have a high chance of knocking an opponent unconscious.
An active version of the attack could also be available to attempt knockout.

Unwavering Discipline-
Focus is required in a fight and nothing should deter a well-trained mind
Pain Suppression
High chance to avoid stuns, fear-based attacks, and other "mental" magic OR physical injuries do not hinder combat rolls (hinder less?)

Rapid Approach-
Fast feet make all the difference in battle. Bridging the gap between yourself and your opponent quickly is of the utmost importance.
Melee: 200
Doubles the chance of successfully engaging an opponent with an attack and attacks cause the press effect (or maybe a capped minimum 50% chance of successfully engaging an opponent on an attack). Possible chance to bypass preemptive defenses like tumble that would normally activate.

Modifications to existing abilities-
Brute Force: I think this should have a significant damage increase. I'm not sure converting blugeoning to crushing attacks is all that useful or makes it worth going into tactic offensive and losing 2 attacks from combinations abilities (although maybe I'm just not using it in the right situation).

Intermediate and Advanced Combinations: I'm not entirely sure why the added strikes don't apply to tactic offense also. It seems like our offense is worse in tactic offense than in none.

Dirtkick: The roll is based on stealth and this is probably not trained by brotherhood members. I'm not sure why we have access to it. It doesn't really have a chance of working after a certain point. I still think this should be replaced by dirty tricks with a melee or brawling offensive roll instead of a stealth based roll.

Heavy blows: Would love to see a heavy version of every attack types, not just punches.

Abilities from other guilds that I think we should have:
Arrow Deflection: This is one of the two classic brawling abilities that have been around since monks were the only brawlers. Not sure why we don't have it.

Dirty Tricks (Footstomp and Kidney Shot): We're street fighters and ruffians. This makes as much sense for brofist as for thieves. The attack roll would have to be based off of brawling or melee instead of stealth though.

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Re: Ability Suggestions and Tweaks

Postby merin » Sun Oct 05, 2014 10:08 pm

So make brofist a combo between shar/thieves? Sounds a bit much.

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Re: Ability Suggestions and Tweaks

Postby Acarin » Mon Oct 06, 2014 3:22 pm

merin wrote:So make brofist a combo between shar/thieves? Sounds a bit much.

Not what was suggested at all. These are brawling oriented abilities that would fit the guild. Shar and thieves both have brawling abilities, so yes, existing abilities that could be crossed to brofist would likely come from those guilds or be similar in some respects.

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