Tumble for brotherhood

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Tumble for brotherhood

Post by Acarin » Thu Jan 15, 2015 12:50 pm

As it currently stands, a cooldown was added to tumble that I don't believe is present with other guilds (as it was being performed more frequently due to improved dodge, if I'm understanding).

I think that the cooldown has brought this ability in the opposite direction, making it far less useful than what other guilds have (I'm assuming this cooldown hasn't been added for everyone but please let me know if it has). Currently, if we are in combat with multiple opponents, we only have a change to tumble one enemy's attacks. For creatures that attack twice in a row, like canim lopers, this becomes a real problem. Additionally, since a tumbled attack only gets 3 seconds of rt, each tumble only really negates half of an opponent's attack so we're simply just delaying the attack by 3 seconds if tumble does occur. It essentially protects us from rolling against 1 attack for every 4 attacks in single combat. In a room with 2 lopers, I get 1 tumble for every 8 or so loper combos, if I'm lucky (remember, this is like avoiding half an attack). Considering we have multi-opponent combat, I don't think we're only intended to be fighting a single enemy at a time, although I may be wrong.

I would like to suggest a change. Assuming we can't just remove this cooldown and bring this ability back to its former glory, can we just remove the impact of improved dodge on tumble instead of having this cooldown. We've had natural armor from pain suppression removed and protection from bludgeon via physical conditioning added. While this is great, we're expected to remain without armor and most mobs do not deal bludgeon damage. A single hit by anything mid to high end will end our combat to go get healed if we're luckier or drop us if we're not lucky. With the cooldown on tumble, it's very difficult to hold our own against anything of like level. What I'm currently fighting are actually significantly weaker than Zuki, but I often have to end combat to run to town for healing after only moderately wounding the first enemy. My defensive rolls are currently greater than twice that of what I am trying to fight, so I wouldn't think that this would be happening. It looks like the tumble tests that someone else posted before were against low skill enemies that were far weaker than the poster (I'm assuming) so I don't think that previous assessment was necessarily accurate.

I know there was some talk about other abilities to avoid getting hit and potentially counterattacking, but I don't know what the status of these is and it might be a long wait. Any chance tumble could be revisited in the meantime so that its functionality is at least in line with the other guilds (although I believe that brofist SHOULD have a slightly better version considering our enhanced dodging abilities)?

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Re: Tumble for brotherhood

Post by Zoiya » Thu Jan 15, 2015 2:53 pm

The changes to tumble were not limited to Brofist, these tumble changes were global.

Keep the ideas flowing though!
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