Generalization Considerations

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Generalization Considerations

Post by Acarin » Sun May 31, 2015 7:03 am

I have a few questions and comments regarding generalization with reference to brofists.

The first is that brawling currently works off of two-weapon combat. Now that two-weapon combat requires melee focus and melee: dual wielding to learn (2 ability points), would it be possible to remove the reliance of brawling on two-weapon combat? Technically, it shouldn't rely on this skill as a brawler isn't "dual wielding" and the mechanics reflect this to some extent (two-weapon is used to determine only openings for additional strikes?). Some assistance or a stance on this would be great. There are brofist guild abilities that require this and it's a bit of a problem as it stands. Learning to brawl effectively isn't the same as learning to swing two weapons at once... Brawlers use their entire bodies to fight, not two weapons. Shouldn't learning to brawl alone should be enough training.

Regarding existing abilities, is the disarm or tumble from guild abilities different in functionality from the generalized skills? I know disarm can be used unarmed as a guild ability. Does disarm through generalization also allow this? Is there a difference with tumble?

My biggest question is in regards to dirty tricks. Is there a guild stance on use of these? Are these now considerably more brawling based or still based primarily on stealth? Is there any consideration on condensing these as one could use a huge number of ability points to get only one last stunning/rt attack in a combo and there's not really a benefit to sinking ability points into more than a couple.

I'm also wondering what melee abilities can be used unarmed. What about flurry? Does coup de mort still require a weapon? Some clarification in the ability descriptions as far a requirements for using generalized abilities would be helpful.

I'd do some experimenting myself, but there's no switching skills once they're learned right now without long waits.

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Re: Generalization Considerations

Post by Zoiya » Sun May 31, 2015 7:18 am

I don't want to answer any questions that relate to what ability does what, I'll leave that to Rias.

But I do want to point out, so that everyone is on the same page, that Rias is asking you all to come up with some different tactics (email or the BBS works if someone wants to make a thread) so that people can have unique fighting styles. I can't wait to see some of the creativity that comes out of this!

Hope you guys are having fun with the new options.
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