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Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:33 am
by Bryce
Teek wrote:My issue is, one of the big things stamped on our gear says "Courage". Kinda hard to explain running away half the time because things are bigger and stronger then you.
Standing against something that you know is going to pulverize you isn't courageous, it's reckless and foolish. If you're doing it to try and protect someone else in the room or something all appropriately noble, that's an exception of course. Courage doesn't translate directly into combat capability, and everyone understands that. Deciding to retreat and regroup or call for help isn't a lack of courage, but I'm sure your enemies'll try to spin it that way to taunt you and goad you into pointlessly getting yourself killed. Then someone else is put into danger trying to rescue you, and people get annoyed at some Wyrvardn getting themselves killed to try and prove a point because they have "COURAGE" written on their team shirts.
Gralkik wrote:if you try to footstomp or nutkick solid metal, it's just not going to work.
Because that's the appropriate countermeasure immunity. It's not just due to the player wanting to RP their character as someone who shrugs off pain. The appropriate countermeasure immunity to magical fear is magical fear resistance. It exists, it works. See Chant: Courage. If you check your effects, it says "You feel moved by some supernatural force." while buffed by chants.
Gralkik wrote:Point is, we have this skill IG: (Meditation)
You can't train that skill. I know some magical abilities that boost it, though.

Just to be clear, I think we all agree that it would be great to have some nonmagical ability that people can take to resist fears somewhat. One already exists with Stalwart, but that's exclusive to templar (I think?), and I always assumed that was due to the severe templar discipline and mental training that prepares them for thaumaturgy (magical), which the Wyrvardn don't subscribe to, so that's why Wyrvardn don't get that ability.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 9:56 am
by Dorn
Groin kick works vs plate FYI.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:10 pm
by Kiyaani
I don't see you wearing plate underwear ;)

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:13 pm
by Bryce
Kiyaani wrote:I don't see you wearing plate underwear ;)
WTB cobalt codpiece, contact Bryce.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 12:29 pm
by Teek
This is why I felt it best and easier to just transfer existing skills from other guilds instead of having to try to make sense of something and come up with a different way to do it that is totally unique and different from everything and everyone else. It leads to all sorts of debate and discussion about the who's and hows and whys that makes coming up with the ideas almost pointless to begin with! Who knew wanting some mechanical "Courage" would set up paragraphs of responses?

At the end of the day, yes Templars do lead a different lifestyle, one that is needed in order to cultivate their inner light. It is a form of discipline. I believe Wyrvardn have the same sort of Discipline in their lifestyle. They have an Honor code after all. It's all over the team gear. The wording of some of the templar abilities implied to me they were Physical/Mental exercises that were used to bring about a certain mindset or desired result. That makes sense to me, and is not something that I felt related to the inner light thing at all.

In the end, I think what me and Gral are trying to say is that it makes sense to us, with courage being one of our central things, that we would have abilities that aided with that. If not abilities, then a potion. If not a potion...maybe a charm relic, something. A horn we can blow like the Horn of Gondor that snaps us out of gibbering. But, I also realize that the game was never meant to be balanced, and that we are supposed to be joining guilds for the RP. Enough people have seen my RP that I think I do alright. However, my RP is going to be effected if I'm giving a rousing speech about facing our fearsome foes in battle, and to remember honor and courage, only to charge in and mechanically piss myself because, you know, that's just the way it be.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:45 pm
by preiman
So it might be worth mentioning that magical fear is not just seeing something scary, it is more like forcibly flipping the blind panic switch in your brain. With that understanding of it, it makes sense that the ability to shrug it off is something extraordinary. It is not an act of cowardice to succumb to it. Maric does, on a often. I'd love to see anyone call him a coward.

As to wyrvardn having discipline and training the way Templar do, as a group, that really isn't so. That is not an insult, it's the point of both guilds.
Our resistance's are part of our training, but mostly they are a literal blessing even we don't understand, but that comes from our devotion and the life we lead.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2016 1:47 pm
by Acarin
This brings up another more global issue, actually. For any type of attack, there should be a countermeasure one can employee (whether it is available to a particular guild or not). These are usually in the form of skill checks (with a defensive skill that can be trained):
Melee vs. Dodge/Block/Parry
Ranged (Magic/Archery/Guns) vs. Dodge/Block
Stealth vs. Perception

The only thing that cannot currently be guarded against are mental magics. As far as I understand, they have a flat chance to be successful and it's usually rather high.

This means that once a mummer has learned all their abilities, they do not have to work to increase their effectiveness and are equal in ability in their guild. Casters that use fear (Rooks, nethrim, the spider people, dwaedn, dunwyr, etc) also do not have to work to increase the effectiveness of that skill. As there is no way to train defense, this also means that the skills are equally effective on someone that has masterful training versus someone fresh out of character generation. To me, it creates a very large imbalance.

I'm very much for having a skill (or two skills) for mental magics (fear, mind fog, etc.) that is (are) both offensive and defensive in nature and requires training/grinding just like everything else. I'd like to see this skill be publicly available and not just for specific guilds but it doesn't make sense to me as an ability without magical support. I don't see why a wyrvardn in particular would be able to resist such things better than others though.

I propose a magic "projection" skill for offense that is specific to guilds that use this type of magic and that "meditation" be re-implemented and used as a defensive skill (with some means to learn it).

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 8:36 am
by Talyn
While I have been playing a Wyrvardn for about two years, on and off obviously, however, I have been trying and trying to think of an ability that Wyvardn need. While I do not think we need combat abilities as nice as they would be Wyrvardn aren't magical, at least not yet. Perhaps the Ancient Wyrvardns of old were and it would be cool to discover something of theirs *cough cough* the War-hammer that was already found even if I wasn't apart of that event, and gain knowledge about the old Wyrvardns. Anyways I'm getting off topic now. I do have one ability I thought would be interesting to have seeing that the Wyrvardns are kinda like knights. I see them as inspiring people at least Talyn can be when I role-play him that way. Most Wyrvardn that I've seen play, Jilliana and even Caleb tend to go down the same path.

So I would suggest, Inspiring shout, this ability is something we can do in battle that we either chant or shout an ancient wyrvardn war cry or saying and our party gains a buff from it. Could be flanking bonus or even a slight advantage in combat. I don't see it being a benefit to the Wyrvardn himself more as a party thing as they should be working more closely with the people of the Lost Land. Just food for thought if it doesn't go that's cool too. Just something I was thinking about last night.

Re: Wyrvardn Abilities

Posted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:02 pm
by Talyn
Another Idea I had while fighting Drakes with them roaring, I get everyone in Clok is human but Wyrvardn are the "knightly" order or well at least an order bound to defend Arad or at least the Quaratine from threats. It's why we go after Bandits, Infested, and Netherim. Nothing "evil" goes unnoticed with the guild. At least that's how I've viewed it. So I was thinking of the ability:

Wyrvardn Courage

It would give 20% or if that's to much 10% more resistance towards fear and fear like abilities, or at least allow them to maintain guard while feared.

Inspiring Shout

Inspiration of being a Wyrvardn is known acrossed the lands when a Wyrvardn in battle shouts their battlecry it can give them and their allies a small advantage in battle, even if it's just flanking advantage or something of that sort.

If I can think of more I'll add onto the post!