Ability Suggestion: Mount Bonding

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Ability Suggestion: Mount Bonding

Post by Tangela » Tue Apr 10, 2018 2:09 pm

That's a terrible name. Not sure what it should actually be, but I see it working like so:

Druid is riding horse halfway across the map, pretty much fully rested. Horse becomes exhausted. Druid meditates and, through the power of druidry, shares a fraction of their energy with their mount. Possibly with a cooldown or something to keep the pair from just never having to rest.

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Re: Ability Suggestion: Mount Bonding

Post by Marauder » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:10 pm

I honestly can't see any drood fighting atop a horse to train their riding skill above 101, so an ability to either restore energy or, like Tangela suggested here, share energy with non-sapient animals that are allied to you would be pretty cool, though I'm not sure the lore permits sharing energy through Fasa druidry but I'm certainly not an expert on it. An alternative could be maybe using some of the druid's energy to induce a rapid state of energy recovery akin to how Dwaedn can briefly but massively increase their metabolism to gain more energy but instead of being instant, it gives higher natural energy recovery over the course of fifteen-thirty seconds. The vibes Fasa druidry gives me is that it's more focused on nature overall rather than fauna and that it's more controlled application, rather than wild like Faewyr druidry.

I do believe entering round time stops natural energy recovery entirely on the recipient's part already, so this would be inefficient at best for a mid-travel method of resting as well as mid-combat usage on animals you've charmed, but being able to give energy to horses alone seems... weird to me. If you can do this to one animal that trusts you, why couldn't you help any animal that trusts you enough?

P.S. I came up with some ability names: Restore Animal, Amplify Natural Recovery, Rejuvenate Beast, Energize Animal, Galvanize Creature.

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Re: Ability Suggestion: Mount Bonding

Post by Eir » Tue Apr 10, 2018 3:19 pm

This idea is adorable. Something I'd like to see druid based, maybe under the AID command whilst channeling druidry like some others can do with their special friends. :)

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