Druids and the trees

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Druids and the trees

Post by faylen » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:11 pm

I would like to propose a new ability for druids that could potentially lead to some interesting rp. This could be either a guild ability or, what seems to make more sense to me, something castable while channeling druidry similar to cultivate. The idea would be for druids to be able to detect in a room how limited or plentiful the trees are and, therefore, how likely it is to cause distress to the Gaea if logging is done there.

My reasoning for this is two fold. First, if a druid needs to get wood from a tree for some reason, it would make sense that they would want to be extremely careful to find an area where trees are plentiful and losing one wouldn't cause damage. Currently though, the only way to know if trees in an area are young is to chop one down and realize you only got three logs from it. At least, that's my understanding of how it works. For that matter, if this were implemented it would be neat if we could cultivate trees too, as in encourage them to grow faster for really damaged areas.

My second reason is that I can see some interesting rp potential. Let's say the druids realized that a particular area had several places where the trees were young and thinning out, they might then band together to strongly discourage people from logging in that particular area.

Of course, there's also the possibility of making the room descriptions somehow reflect this information so that everyone could see it, and I'd be ok with that too, but my original thinking is that druids would be trained to better recognize the early signs of a problem. This and the ability to encourage tree growth would expand the druid rp beyond the random cultivation tasks or cultivating where foraging is often done.

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Re: Druids and the trees

Post by Skjotur » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:26 pm

I'm not sure druidry should be required to see how plentiful trees are in the area or if there's been recent logging, since that should be evident just by looking, maybe add it to survey. But being able to cultivate and help repair them would be a great druidry ability and would make for some good guild tasks as well. I like the idea of druids getting together to help restore damaged forests. Maybe it could be so that if multiple druids work together, it increases the effect, even beyond just having more people there. So if Faylen and I go to an area to help replenish trees it would be 2.5x more effective if we combined our efforts somehow. Instead of just the regular 2x it would be for two people working at the same time. It would promote gatherings and working together toward a common cause.

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