Workaround to losing a post due to logout

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Workaround to losing a post due to logout

Post by Rias » Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:55 pm

I've had a few complaints of people losing a long post due to taking a long time to write it, and then the session logging out and the post failing to go through. Clicking the "back" browser button and going forward again just brings you to an error page. My advice has always been "if it ends up being a long post, write it up in a separate editor first, or at least select-all and copy before posting."

Sometimes you're just on such a roll that you forget to do these things, however, and you lose a post to a timeout. This happened to me today, but I figured out how to get it back. Open a new tab in your browser, log into the BBS there, then go back to your original tab, go back, go forward again (it'll probably tell you it needs to re-send the data - click YES) and it'll post, or at least show you your post and say it had an uncomfirmed security token, at which point you can just click the "try again" button.

It's not elegant, but it works. If I had written the BBS code I'd come up with a better fix, but alas - it is third-party software.
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