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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rithiel » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:07 pm

Any potatoes, turnips, cabbages, and squash grown as of this update will be hurlable. Heck yes.

A new gem was released.

Characters who are eldery or ancient can no longer join the Mercenaries or the Knights Templar.

Yet more nethrim have had their appearance/AI adjusted to fit better with lore.

Character height descriptors are now accurate to the quarter-foot instead of only to the half-foot.

Dwaedn Wyr calling on the Animal Spirits too often during a short period will now find the Spirits to be apathetic to the call, and will have to wait a while before they can do so again. Some abilities cause more "apathy" than others.

Maggots should no longer persist beyond death.

Traders will get task credit for selling commodities out of wagons or containers.

An old fiddler has started offering music lessons in the Shadgard Music Shoppe.

Bowtruckles discovered in mines will be less grouchy and more interested in exploring their new surroundings.

Smelting wasn't working correctly (regarding proportions) and now should be.

Place is no longer an alias for put.

The combo command may now be used by brawlers to limit the number of strikes they perform in brawling combos. You may enter combo 0 to clear your settings and return to maximum strikes.

You will no longer be able to see the CHAT channel if your character is dead. Question will continue to work as normal, but any use of it outside of its intended purposes will be dealt with.

Merchants have a new ability to fulfill purchase orders placed by PCs. These orders can be made in a special room in the HQ by starting with the order command. Traders with the ability can make use of check and claim.

A new climbing trainer has been added to Murky's Pub in Corvus.

You can't fell or chop while rooted anymore.

It is no longer possible to throw a target while mounted.

The bard at the Hanged Man now teaches Harps and Woodwinds.

Furnaces eat non-metals and slag-lumps again.

You can no longer load a weapon with hands full of anything but what you're trying to load it with.

Eye and leg wounds will now affect some skills.

Incoming mail can now only be picked up at one designated post office per character. The designated post office can be changed by trying to check mail at a different post office, where instructions will be given on how to make the change.

The way mine supports work has been adjusted. Now, mines will degrade at a slower rate with supports, but will still degrade.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:01 am

Using the load command without any arguments will now automatically check held items to see if they're loadable, and default to them if they are.

Peer will now work on any portal in the room with the same noun, rather than just the first. For instance, peer 2 tent will now functionally peer inside the tent, rather than just emote you peering at the tent.

Lots more new tones.

Three styles of eating: you can eat [item] mechanical, hearty, or pick. If you pick at your food, you won't actually eat it.

Infested no longer regenerate wounds of major or higher severity.

Stables no longer allow low-faction characters to stable their mounts (and keep them forever).

Hydromancy can no longer be used to fill liquid containers, due to the Conjured Matter Dissipation Principle.

Several spells with non-standard targeting now have a chance to reveal the caster's location when cast from hiding. This is not based on stealth or perception.

A skill's base value will now also show up via skills favorites and skills study.

Brawling combos will no longer make your gloves/gauntlets fall apart.

Limestone being knappable was a bug. It is no longer knappable.

Repairing metal items in Mistral Lake can now be done at the Workyard, rather than the Ironshell Armory (which is a shopping venue, not a smithy).

Weapons will no longer reset their durability when reaching 0, and will thusly need to be repaired. If a weapon is "battered" or worse (examine a weapon to see its current durability state), it will do less damage, dependent on how badly-damaged it is. Weapon repairs will currently NOT degrade quality until we hammer the numbers a little more.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Sun Mar 23, 2014 6:20 pm

The compass now shows the edge of the wilderness map as asterisks * instead of making it look like mountains are surrounding everything.

Monks no longer show up at infirmaries every hour on the hour, but at varying times throughout the day.

The NPCs in public facilities around Shadgard that require permits are now a bit more understanding about those without permits, and will inform said permit-less people of where they can actually purchase said permits. Because in Shadgard, folk are decent.

Weed levels in farming soil now have more varied color codes instead of only brown and red.

Nasty clothes from infested merchants will no longer sell at the pawnshop.

beckon can now be used as an alias for recruit.

Grapple will no longer produce an error and is no longer disabled.

It is no longer possible to attack something while also dragging something.

Three new Udemi abilities.

One new Utasa ability.

Adrenaline rush now has a cooldown.

Pyromancy tasks are disabled until further notice due to some rather severe bugs.

Picking things up while under attack got a lot more dangerous.

New tones and speeches.

Hatchets are now available at the Shadgard Blacksmith Shop.

Using the zap command with wands, most particularly with hydromancy, no longer ends up casting the wrong spell.

Chopping split logs into blocks will now consume energy and incur roundtime.

Shardlings and drakolin have had their damage resistances increased significantly.

Several creatures that lived in dark areas but were helpless in the dark are no longer so helpless in the dark.

That annoying bug where a group leader would occasionally not see room descriptions as they moved should now (hopefully) be fixed.

Foraged sticks now show what type of wood they are and can no longer be bundled.

Sticks and small branches/staves can now be chopped into kindling.

Carving bark from branches now leaves some bark shavings on the ground which can be used as tinder.

It is now possible to light flammable objects with an already-burning object. For instance, a character could light a torch with a burning brazier in the room, or light an oven with a held lit torch. There are sure to be some environmental objects in rooms like firepits, fireplaces, and so on that don't work with this - please bug them as you find them.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rithiel » Tue Apr 01, 2014 3:48 pm

When used offensively against nethrim, Sunbeam now consumes considerably more energy upon a failed attempt.

Examining armor will now display its protection levels against various common damage types.

Warhorses will no longer submit to manual labor (pulling wagons).

You can just adjectives with hitch: hitch brown horse to yew wagon.

Doing manual labor while wearing armor just got a whole lot harder.

Wooden hafts (newly carved) will no longer degrade weapon quality.

New RP verbs: agree/disagree, rub, squeal, roll.

New trader ability: wagonmaster.

Process for lighting fires has changed. Please use the campfire command.

The Haiban corral has been removed. Hopefully you got your mount.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:43 pm

Brambles now correctly takes at least two channels of druidry.

Some RP commands will be unable to be done while wearing heavy armor or heavily encumbered.

Lockpick quality now has a greater effect. Positive quality picks have gotten better, negative quality picks have gotten worse.

If you have multiple tuning crystals of the same type attached to your ESP tuner, their timers should decrease one at a time rather than all at once while using them now.

Carpenters can build coat trees.

There should be no more instances of buggy infinite herbs.

It is now possible to shake one's head during roundtime.

Stone clubs wielded by crag yetis now hit much, much harder. Careful out there.

Command Nethrim temporary minions will no longer guard the caster.

When the Command Nethrim effect wears off, an effect will be applied that makes it much harder for that nethrim to be successfully Commanded again for a while.

When the Command Nethrim effect wears off, the Commanded nethrim will preferentially target the one who had dominated them.

When the Command Nethrim effect wears off, the Commanded nethrim's enemy list should be cleared, and no longer be hostile to its previous allies from before it was Commanded.

Users of the Shield Charge ability can now activate it by simply typing charge as well as scharge.

Drakolin are now rarer, and much more powerful (do yourself a favor and don't try to take one on alone).

Drakolin can now be skinned for far more scales per corpse, and can also be butchered for quite a lot of meat.

Now only crimson drakolin can be found at Blood Peak - those of other scale color varieties might be found elsewhere in the world.

Defense against Metabolic Englaciation is now dependent partially on the target's natural weight and size - that is to say, larger creatures are now more difficult to use this spell successfully on, smaller creatures easier.

The Saucy Templar and associated stables are now officially out of business. Too much danger and risk out in the wilds.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Wed Apr 23, 2014 12:26 pm

Leather slings are now small items instead of large.

Rooms that offer NPC Soul Beacons or Soul Retrievals are now indicated as such next to the room name.

Haiban now has a mortuary and crypt instead of the nondescript Final Rest raising house. It is in the same area as the Final Rest was, but is accessed via "mortuary" instead of "door". (This is where NPC-cast Soul Beacons and Soul Retrievals are performed.)

The Monastic Order no longer teaches brawling to its members.

The Monastic Order no longer teaches the Blade Slap and Arrow Deflection abilities.

The Halo spell has been revised: It now activates automatically upon channeling thaumaturgy. The effect lasts for 30 seconds, and any time thaumaturgy is being channeled, the duration is refreshed to the maximum of 30.

Wind and additional types of weather have been added.

Temperature, weather, and wind info now show on the same line as climate.

The changelog command can now be used to view these changelog posts in-game.

War mounts should now fight automatically when they're not being ridden, instead of sitting there letting badguys beat them up passively. To set their new, more proactive AI, just mount up.

Warhorses should now kick instead of bite when accompanying their rider in an attack.

The ASCII compass should no longer show roads that don't exist.

Iron shot is now available for purchase in Shadgard and Mistral Lake. Iron shot does less damage than lead shot, but, naturally, is more effective against nethrim.

The Shadgard blacksmith shop description has been altered to indicate that it is not a dedicated weapons manufacturer, but a more generalized blacksmith.

Rooms that offer paid metal or leather repair services are now indicated as such next to the room title.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:51 pm

Wilderness rooms that are described as simply "You are out in the wilderness." will now have an auto-generated basic description given, based on the room's properties.

Wilderness rooms with roads, rivers, and/or bridges will now have generic lines added to their description if their custom description does not mention the road/bridge/river.

The changelog command now displays the date on which the requested changelog entry was posted.

Players will now be notified upon login if there are any unread changelog posts.

changelog next will bring up the next unread changelog post, if any.

changelog mark read will mark all changelog posts as read.

Mournful shades that appear in the Shadgard mine should no longer have an erroneously high defense.

GM-possessed NPCs will now properly leave tracks when moving from room to room. Trackers rejoice!

Light leather and leather scale now protect less against slashing damage.

Stones can now be foraged in hilly areas.

More activities that require tools now degrade tools during the process.

Tools that have been reduced to 0 durability should no longer be usable until repaired.

It is no longer possible for Dwaedn Wyr to throw mounted targets.

Weather should once again affect characters.

Shadgard's wagons are now far more customizable.

The Willow Asylum area has been toned down significantly. The wraiths have become spectres, and both spectres and phantasms have had their energy levels adjusted to be more on par with noncorporeal nethrim. Eidolons are now considered "uniques" - only one will be spawned at a time, and there is a timer after they are destroyed before another will spawn.

Several sickness effects now prevent energy gain beyond a certain threshold.

ESP messages sent on a color-tuned channel (i.e.: not Gray) will now show up in brown text instead of yellow, to help people realize they're broadcasting on a color-tuned channel.

GM smite messaging now specifies that it's OOC.

Having one's face hidden by clothing or armor will now be noted when people LOOK and see the list of room occupants.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Sat May 03, 2014 2:20 pm

Katars no longer do rake damage.

It is now possible to hamstring with a katar.

The Hanged Man now has rentable rooms, as well as a bar with strong drinks and a dartboard.

It is now possible to purchase and throw throwing darts. Aiming success is highly randomized, but benefits greatly from Hurl Weapon skill and, to a lesser extent, Marksmanship. Throwing darts can be hurled in combat, but are pitifully weak damage-wise.

The Twin Dagger tavern in Shadgard now has a dartboard.

The Shadgard stables has a new stock of horses available for sale.

The Shadgard General Store now sells bison jerky and goat jerky. Yum!

Forageable branches should now properly slowly regenerate in rooms.

The Shadgard Blacksmith now offers iron and steel as custom metal options, though they are quite pricey as those metals have to be imported.

The Shadgard Blacksmith no longer sells the following: Rapiers, shortswords, greatswords.

The Shadgard Blacksmith now sells the following: Sabres

Highwayman task text for Templar has been altered to emphasise that the highwaymen should be subdued or driven off if possible, rather than killed. Capture will hopefully be an option soon, once the mechanics are hammered out.

Several new achievements have been added.

The achievements command will now tell how many total achievements there are.

The description of Mistral Lake in the tutorial's "Crossroads of Life" is now slightly different, mostly to be a bit clearer on the fact that Mistral Lake is in fact dark and foggy, rather than a sunny lake town as many people seem to erroneously assume at first.

The repair command should now take adjectives when it comes to targeting.

Burning items and some huge items (like large logs (alliteration combo!)) should no longer be droppable while hiding.

Shorthand for say and sayto has been added for tones and speech. You can use a pound sign (#) to set the tone and a dollar sign ($) to set the speech type. For example, say ::rat #angry $yell You dirty rat! will angrily yell "You dirty rat!" at a rat. Full tone and speech options may be found via the tone and speech commands.

You may now specify right or left with most interactions to auto-target the item held in your right or left hand. Example: stow right

Moderately wounded mounts will now be considerably slower at pulling wagons. Expect to see this outright disabled in the future.

It is now possible to connect to CLOK from port 23.

Tactics Marksman has been removed.

Bows and firearms have received a significant boost to base damage. Expect numbers to be tweaked.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Wed May 07, 2014 10:20 am

Appraise speciality now allows you to count your riln faster.

Grif's has a dartboard and darts for sale.

Udemi trainers are now willing to talk to Utasa and Utasa trainers are now willing to talk to Udemi.

When the gaea is in pain, druids will feel some of that pain. Maybe they'll care more about logging.

Too much hunting in an area can causes the gaea distress.

The filter that attempts to catch OOC terminology in say is now more strict. Please remember that you should never use OOC messaging through in-character communication methods.

Markets will no longer buy an absurd amount of surplus goods.

The Dry Prairie is now dryer (fewer rooms with grass and foliage), and no longer has room descriptions describing green vegetation everywhere.

Wilderness room names are getting a little more specific based on environment, terrain, tree types, and so forth.

The Corvus Outpost, Weapons Storeroom is now selling some farming tools.

A few scattered deposits of copper ore have been found in the Corvus mine, these are a little difficult to find but they are there.

Tin ore has become very abundant in the Corvus market, as such the prices have changed accordingly.

Juniper trees now exist in the Lost Lands!

Attempting to fell trees with an axe that's too small (handaxe, hatchet) should no longer produce an error.

Nelra now has a climate.

When looked at, climbable objects will now give a general assessment of their challenge based on one's Climbing skill and encumbrance.

Wooden weapons/armor can no longer be repaired via blacksmithing means, NPCs included.

The Hanged Man bar now sells shot glasses!

Spin Attack now causes messaging indicating a Spin Attack is being used.

Thunderstorm weather now has indicative messaging.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Fri May 09, 2014 11:47 pm

It is now possible for characters to tip and doff their hats (or caps, or fedoras).

Pyro Shield: Chance to lose control has been decreased drastically, and damage has been increased significantly. Expect further tweaks.

A few candles have been added to the Church Supply Shop in Shadgard.

It is once again possible to remove towels after changing at a bathhouse.

It is now possible to dry onesself while holding a towel.

The description for General Blacksmithing has been modified to show that it is not specifically for weapons or armor making, but blacksmithing in general.

It is no longer possible to saw things while mounted.

Some self-cast spells weren't showing the appropriate casting messaging, instead simply stating "You gesture." This has been fixed.

Dwaedn Vil has been moved. It is now far out to the southwest, the path starting in the Abneridge Foothills on the border of the Stirling Expanse. At the foot of a large section of mountains, naturally. See the Dwaedn Wyr board on the BBS for more details.

A Dwaedn trainer/taskmaster/promoter has been added to the bar of the Hanged Man, in Redrock Canyon outside Shadgard.

The Dwaedn Wyr version of "Spin Attack" has been renamed to "Flurry". Activate it via the flurry command.

Dwaedn Wyr NPCs now have their own special AI. It's probably best not to piss them off.

Armsman Haurlief of Dwaedn Vil is now a Dwaedn Wyr trainer.

Aspiring Dwaedn Wyr must now speak with the Rig-Jarl Bjorn himself in order to be initiated. Recruiters in other locations will direct interested people to go see the Rig-Jarl.

You can send mail anonymously by typing mail confirm anonymous. Of course, you'll have to slip the post office worker a little something extra. Members of a particular guild sending mail from a friendly post office may not need to offer a bribe.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Wed May 21, 2014 5:11 pm

The calendar command now brings up the full information from the wiki.

It is no longer possible to send manure or burning items via the mail.

Roclings will no longer stray from their nest, and adult rocs will no longer get stuck in said nest.

Flint must now be specifically foraged, i.e. forage flint.

A few critters were wearing leather caps that were erroneously covering the wearer's entire head (concealing their faces). This has been fixed.

Dwaedn Wyr exploiting weaknesses in an opponent's guard will now be denoted with a red exclamation point, similar to ambush-from-hiding defense pushdown indicators.

option meleebrief is now available to further cut down on melee combat messaging spam. Best used along with option combatbrief.

Locked boxes will no longer spawn from slain creatures in over-hunted areas.

Lead will no longer fail with nasty bug messages if you try to use it on something that isn't a mount.

Grizzled task mobs have been adjusted to be easier (on average) and have a range of possible skills.

New guildrank-based achievements for the following guilds: Dwaedn Wyr, Guild of Thieves, Knights Templar, Monastic Order, Mummers, Claw of Shar, Rook Parlour, Elemancers, Snowpine Lodge

Option 25 (RPHardcore) may now be toggled to opt-out of the majority of CLOK's OOC features including who, chat, question, tell, profile, and achievements, as well preventing you from seeing other people's earned achievements or GM smites and blesses. When toggling this option, there will be a 60 minute (real time) cool-down period before it can be toggled again.

Option 26 (HideTitles) may now be toggled to hide the display of titles on chat and question, and hide achievement earned messages. Note this affects what you see only, if you wish to hide your own title, please use the title clear subcommands.

Poleaxes are now limited to one strike per attack, do more damage for that single strike, and have a slight parry penalty.

Halberds are now limited to one strike per attack, do far more damage for that single strike, and no longer get any parry bonus.

Voulge pierce damage has been reduced significanty, hack and slash damages have been increased, and parry bonus has been removed.

The lost souls in the Whispering Forest got set to the wrong faction somehow. This has been fixed.

Armored mounts can now be bandaged under their armor even when standing up.

New speech options: remark and mumble

The sheath command can now be used to conveniently sheath weapons without specifying target sheaths (once a sheath is set, also done via the sheath command).

Warhorses will no longer automatically attack any hostiles present, but will instead react when attacked by either attacking back, or attempting to move out to position avoid. This will hopefully cut down on people treating warhorses as combat minions and using them as guards so the owner can sit and rest mid-combat (or just let the horses do all their combat dirtywork).

Wind now occasionally has idle messaging.

The list of obvious exits should once again indicate if the area outside is experiencing snow or rain.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Tue Jun 10, 2014 9:32 am

The Brotherhood of the Fist guild has been released. Interested investigators may find more information at the Brawler's Retreat, a new area on the road west of the Swampwoods.

Brawlers using the MeleeBrief option will now see appropriate attack types rather than just 'fist' for everything.

Manny, Maddison, and Falore will no longer require characters to have 1 point of a skill in order to teach it.

Mage candles now have a chance to ignite gas leaks.

Dwaedn Wyr no longer need permits to access the leatherworking workroom in Amlaidh's (non-Dwaedn still do need a permit).

MeleeBrief should no longer be missing information on non-held weapon attacks (claws, charges, bites, etc.)

There is now a sign at the Shadgard portal of the tutorial area warning new players that Shadgard can get COLD, with some tips on how to survive and prepare.

Looking at items that can have wood added to them to extend their burning time will now indicate that such is possible.

Being thrown in jail will no longer cause people to have duplicated clothing.

Weed-overgrown farming plots should now appropriately be removed once the weeds have reduced the plot's quality too low. Say goodbye to all those weed-overgrown farm fields that have been out there for ages.

Flint should no longer be auto-foraged unless specifically targeted (for realsies, we mean it this time).

Cutthroat should no longer be deflected by neck armor of the attacker instead of the target's.

Whispers containing certain OOC keywords will now be prevented with a message that whisper is an in-character communications tool.

The locations of Ashdell and Brawler's Retreat are now indicated on in-game wilderness maps.

Several touch-based attacks utilized by nethrim now have a draining effect.

Ranged weapons no longer skill up far more quickly than melee and spellcasting. Cheaters.

Rapid Fire now rounds up for roundtime reduction, meaning bows that normally fire in 5 seconds will now fire in 3 seconds while using Rapid Fire instead of 2.

It is no longer possible to continually grind a ground herb infinitely. Shame on those who abused this.

Grinding herbs no longer gives skillgains. More challenge-based gain methods for herbalism are being considered.

The rooms in the infested river village are now properly configured as outdoors.

Sand, coast, and nearby ocean will now be noted in the generic wilderness descriptions.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Fri Jun 27, 2014 5:39 pm

IG newspapers are now being sold at the following locations: Shadgard Town Hall, Mistral Lake Town Hall

Regarding hunting traps: Attackers can now only be lured into one trap at a time instead of a whole roomful of traps at once. Shame on those who abused this and never reported it (and kudos to those who did report it).

It is no longer possible to bandage wounds when hostiles are present and not otherwise disabled.

Pulling handcarts across the wilderness now takes much longer. Invest in a horse and wagon for long hauls!

Pulling handcarts from room to room now costs energy.

Encumbrance can now increase travel time and travel energy. Travel light, or get a mount!

Mounts now get tired as they carry their riders through the wilderness, based partially on their rider's weight and encumbrance.

Dice can be rolled with the toss or diceroll command. (Diceroll is a new one - toss always worked but we forgot it did.)

The craftmark command is now active. It can be used to toggle crafting marks on and off, as well as request a custom crafting mark.

Knights Templar can now activate the Zeal ability via chanting: chant zeal

A mountaineer has been added to Shadgard's Hearth & Home who teaches climbing, firekindling, and how to play the harmonica.

When dismissing minions/following items (such as mage candles), the dismisser no longer waves their hand dismissively as part of the action.

Mistral Lake and Vatnfjall Ruins should no longer have significantly different weather anymore. Oops.

Minor Animation now gives the animate a generic look and description. Conditions such as canim or resen-infestation will still be obvious.

It is now possible to kneel. It's essentially a cosmetic variant of sitting.

Bucklers, round shields, kite shields, and tower shields have had their weights updated to 3, 5, 7, and 20, respectively. Expect further tweaks.

Murky's Pub in Corvus has been getting a little busy lately. As such Murky has installed a dartboard.

An odd fellow has showed up in Murky's Pub who claims to know a thing or two about archery, arrows and bow crafting. He will teach them for a price.

examining those hefty one-pound socks and similar should now fix their weight.

There is now a Riding skill check that has a chance to reduce mount fatigue while riding across the wilderness. Expect tweaking of this mechanic to occur.

Performing a hamstring with nether claws now deals nether damage instead of slash damage.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:33 pm

Members of Snowpine Lodge and Udemi who have undergone Basic Training can now carve fireboards and spindles, and can now use said fireboards, spindles, and some kind of tinder to light flammable items. Simply have all three items in the character's inventory or on the ground in the room.

Carved walking-sticks should now count toward the Snowpine Lodge initiation task (those carved before this change will not work).

Infested bowtruckles should no longer be automatically snow-covered when they spawn.

A Dwaedn guildmaster has moved into a rustic little cabin by the lake in Old Corvus Forest.

gather now works when targeting items a character has set to auto-hurl.

gather hurled can be use to gather all weapons on the ground that a character has set to auto-hurl.

There should no longer be any rooms with duplicate tree types.

Most wilderness areas should now have their own unique tree spread (no longer does pine so powerfully dominate the Lost Lands!).

Cull Infested task riln rewards have been reassessed.

Charge should no longer cause a bug when the target is in hiding and undetected by the attacker.

The minion fade command will now work properly for shadow familiars. Along with this change, familiars will no longer automatically fade and un-fade when the caster hides and unhides.

Loiterers will no longer be able to use crafting commands while in permit areas in which they don't have a valid permit for.

Templar chants now only effect humans (some exceptions), and no longer show third-person messaging for those affected.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Wed Aug 27, 2014 8:26 am

Whittling knives sold from Herrick's wagon now have increased durability; this is a retroactive change that will be automatically applied next time you attempt to carve with an affected knife.

Firearms can now be unloaded to remove ammunition from them (handy for switching between lead and iron shot).

Animals now get upset if someone tries to supernaturally win their loytalty after an initial refusal.

Dust devils no longer spawn in the Desert of Desolation. They'll likely return at some point, but not during the sweltering-hot days, as nethrim - particuarly those without physical bodies to shield their nether-form - do not like heat.

More detailed targetting arguments are now possible when using the skin and butcher verbs. Example: skin other bear, butcher third worlf, skin 2 bear.

A new command, hunger, has been added to allow a quick glance at how hungry one's character is. Additionally, the hunger descriptions from the status command have been updated to match the descriptions seen when using the health or info commands.

War Riding now imparts a dodge bonus to the rider's mount when it is being ridden.

Mounts now try harder to stay out of combat.

Non-mounted charges no longer work on targets that are far larger/heavier than the attacker.

Several creatures have had their weights and sizes updated.

You will now see an approximation of how much room is left in a container when you look in it.

You may now filter item lists from markets with the order command.

You will now be told exactly how much riln is required when attempting to stable a mount with insufficient riln on your person to cover the stabling fees.

Lists of critters will now be condensed into "stacks" similar to items. For example: Also here: an infested carrier (x28), an infested carrier (lying down), an infested carrier (lightly wounded) (x3)

The third-person messaging for water dripping off drenched characters has been removed. It was spammy.
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Re: Bugfixes/Changes/Improvements

Postby Rias » Tue Sep 02, 2014 4:47 pm

The health command can now be used on a target to check for obvious wounds of other characters.

Nutrition once again goes down slightly as energy is regenerated. We say "again" because this is the way it was before, but at some point it got removed. Expect tweaks. Nutshell: The more energy one uses (and has to regenerate), the hungrier one will be.

option npcstacks can be used to toggle whether groups of identical NPCs will be shown as stacks or individually.

Umbrellas can now be purchased to keep the rain off. Currently available in the Shadgard General Store, other town gurus will likely add them to their respective towns soon.

Hooded oilcloth cloaks will now shield the wearer from rain, provided the hood is up.

Shadow familiars no longer guard their masters, as someone brought up the fact that they're the size of a housecat and barely corporeal.

Revolver weight has been increased to 3 pounds.

Firearms now take on the weight of ammunition loaded into them.

Weight encumbrance now has a significant effect on many combat rolls (primarily dodge). It does not affect the maximum potential and challenge (so no, intentionally weighing yourself down is not an effective way to train your uberhigh skills in uber-easy combat areas).

The wording on the Armor Mastery ability descriptions has been changed to say that the abilities lower armor interference, not armor encumbrance. They do not, nor have they ever, lowered the weight of worn armor. They lower the chance for worn armor to interfere with combat actions and lower associated die rolls.

All vital hit locations should now have flavorful death messages varying by damage type.

Targeted speech in non-Common languages will now appropriately show up in dark green text.

Coyotes now yield 2 coyote skins instead of 1 dog skin.

Several creatures of appropriate types can now fly, and are much more difficult to deal with via melee. Please report any related bugs or oddities.

The "swamp" environment has been changed to now be called "wetland", and the abbreviation has changed from Sw to We. (A swamp is specifically a forested wetland.)

For those with the Compass option enabled, the compass will now show when peering into another room/area.

Info on Teonanacatl has been added to the wiki, and can also be viewed in-game by typing help teonanacatl.

The Brotherhood of the Fist guild ability "Pain Suppression" has been changed to no longer provide straight armor padding but rather reduce energy loss from damage.

You may now use who friends to only show your friends on the who list.

Friends with the RPHardcore option toggled on will no longer show up as (online) in the friend list while online.

A bug preventing periodic hunger notifications has been squashed.

Fog now prevents peering into adjacent rooms, and causes compass glyphs to simply show up as a gray tilde (~).

Fog now grants multiplicative bonuses to stealth instead of flat bonuses.

Tarueka and the Infested Logging Camp are no longer foggy.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Fri Sep 12, 2014 8:13 am

The skill study timer now displays in hours, minutes, or seconds, depending on how much time is left.

Brotherhood of the Fist members no longer need to be in tactics parry to use Blade Slap.

Using unarmed attacks on beings made of nether is now a very bad idea. (It was always a bad idea, but now it's backed up mechanically.)

New tones: mournful, enthusiastic, snide, arrogant, unabashed, complacent

The following areas are no longer perpetually foggy: Shadgard Old Forest Trail, Shadgard Graveyard, Shadgard Deadwood Forest, Concord

Asking a guildmaster for task removal now results in some guildpoint loss.

Brotherhood of the Fist members should no longer be tasked to fight with nethrim.

A Guild of Thieves ability got a little upgrade. Check the BBS board for details.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Thu Sep 18, 2014 7:34 am

NPC Soul Beacons are now performed at the altar in the Thaelsh temple.

New tone: accusing

The penalty for removing guild tasks has been reduced.

Artisans no longer get penalties for removing guild tasks. This will persist until their tasks are re-evaluated and become more crafting-focused.

Several armor types have had various piece weights lowered slightly. This most significantly affects scale metal, brigandine, rigid leather, and scale leather.

Armor skill caps have been increased dramatically. Lighter armor types skill cap out at lower thresholds.

Heavier armors have had some of the weight from the torso pieces redistributed to the arms and legs pieces, allowing for more effective mixing and matching without needing to necessarily ditch the torso-piece where the majority of an armor set's weight was previously focused.

Firearms ammo now weighs dramatically less. Converting existing ammo is iffy; dump that old stuff in a barrel and buy some new shot!

Option 29 (BBSFeed) may be toggled to show/hide notifications when a new BBS post is made. (Default is off.)

Option 30 (BBSLinks) may be toggled to show/hide the link at the end of BBS post notifications. (Default is on.)

Templar NPCs now roam the ruins of Thaelsh to make their effort against the nethrim more visible.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Mon Oct 06, 2014 10:03 pm

Shadgard's maple wheatcakes are now "maple-drenched flapjacks". Mmmmm!

The description of the Udemi ability "Druidic Connection" has been updated to clarify that it only affects duirdy channeling penalties and not armor weight or combat encumbrance.

Throwing knife weight has been adjusted from 1 pound to 0.4 pounds. Existing knives can be updated via the get or examine commands.

A few ruined watchtowers have been added along the roads, relics of the old Kingdom of Aetgard.

The amount of nutrition burned to regenerate energy has been greatly reduced.

Energy cost for hurling weapons has been reassessed. Expect further tweaks.

The Thorns effect now degrades more quickly, and also causes some durability loss to the target weapon - some of its mass is being transferred into the thorns, which break easily.

The Thorns effect now deals a bit less damage.

Significant wounds to the arms or hands now prevent various actions that require heavy use of said body parts.

The chance to hit an aimed-for hit location with thrown weapons has been updated to be on par with other ranged attacks.

Different types of ammunition now cause differing amounts of energy loss on movement when lodged into a character's body.

A few more types of hurled weapons will now fall to the ground instead of getting lodged into the target.

Hurled weapons will no longer become lodged into a target when dealing below a certain threshold of damage.

Costumes may now become damaged when their wearer takes damage.

A lore article has been posted on Aphraen, Keeper of Dreams:

Some general lore on the traditions of the month of Octum has been posted:
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Wed Oct 22, 2014 7:26 am

It is now possible to forage deadwood or firewood, which will result in deadwood branches or, occasionally, deadwood logs. These will be much easier to forage for than straight branches.

Several Coalition NPCs have had their titles updated from "trader" to "artisan".

The following speech types are now available: scream, shriek, beg, narrate, orate, profess, claim, splutter

NPC highligthing no longer reflects whether they are friendly or hostile. Be careful!

Inventories should once again be ordered nicely from head to toe.

It is once again possible to pull hoods and neckerchiefs/masks to adjust how they are worn.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:24 am

I forgot to mention the warmth command that will give a little information about how well-equipped (or not) one is for surviving cold weather.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Thu Nov 06, 2014 8:24 am

There is now a chance for fired projectiles to be lost in the distance. This is more likely to happen with firearms.

Speech should no longer show as "a voice" in dark areas if the listener is capable of seeing in the dark.

Lances are now available in Mistral Lake, Valeria, and the Shadgard Templar Armory. They can only be wielded while mounted.

The formula for calculating tasks involving critters has been changed significantly. It now calculates based on averages of offense and defense and takes more combat styles into account. Characters should only be sent against critters (or into their associated areas) where foe average skill level is equal to or less than the player character's.

Thrown weapons should no longer disappear when dealing a killing blow.

Combat messaging is now condensed and un-spammy by default (feedback appreciated).

Combat messaging no longer shows numbers, but a representation of how much advantage or disadvantage a strike has. This should make it easier to judge challenges at a glance and reduce confusion/misconceptions over numerical calcuations (for instance, 100 vs 200 is the same as 500 vs 1000, even though the second seems like a much larger gap and many people tend to think the odds are different in the second case). Feedback appreciated, expect tweaks.

A few weapon types were fixed to work appropriately with two-weapon combat.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Mon Nov 24, 2014 8:52 am

New channel preparation messaging has been implemented for aero, geo, pyro, hydro, and cryomancy.

Aeromancy no longer has third-person messaging, as air is invisbile and makes no indication to others that it is simply being channeled.

A bug that caused item max durability to multiply and become repeatedly higher has been fixed. Affected items will be automatically fixed, and get an instant free repair to boot.

It is now possible to use the barrage command with thrown weapons. It will only auto-throw weapons that have been set as auto-hurlable via the hurl set command.

Pumpkins and watermelons are no longer the miniature variety and are now a heck of a lot larger/heavier.

It is no longer possible to tumble while webbed.

Seeing as Elemancy can only manipulate its own conjured elements and not pre-existing ones, Geomancy can no longer be used to till fields, and Hydromancy can no longer be used to dry someone off.

Using Hydromancy Aid to wash someone off no longer leaves the target drenched, as the conjured water is assumed to specifically be made to vanish afterward.

Blacksmiths can now forge scale mail armor. Expect further tweaking.

Applied elemancy patterns (such as Compression Pattern) will now be shown in the status prompt when active.

It is now possible for elemancers to release an active shield without dropping the associated element by typing release shield.

Cants and flitches are now considered "huge" items.

Blacksmithing no longer takes into account what armor level you are wearing to determine success. It now uses your total encumbrance so if you are carrying a huge load, do not expect to be able to forge effectively.

Mining no longer takes into account what armor level you are wearing instead it now uses your total encumbrance. Expect reduced roundtimes than previously when encumbered, but greater energy loss.

It is once again possible to pull most neck-worn items (excluding armor) to conceal them underneath other clothing such as shirts, cuirasses, or dresses. Pull them again to wear them back on top of the garment and allow them to be displayed to others.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Sat Dec 06, 2014 1:28 am

There are now two bracelet and anklet inventory slots.

Rooks who have a great deal of skill in sorcery will find that they now have access to new MINION commands.

Several food items are now considered "sit-down food" - that is, they cannot be stowed in containers.

Several full-meal-like items have been updated to provide a very large amount of nutrition that should completely fill all but the emptiest of stomachs.

The Shadgard Church Mess Hall now has delicious Viali food free of any meat to better comply with the Thaumaturgic Discipline.

The stow/stash commands should no longer be able to bypass container contents restrictions (i.e. only hafted items should go into haft-frogs).

Wraithlike nethrim should now be immune to knockdowns.

A bug was squashed that was causing ambush attacks from hiding/Wolf's Cunning to not raise Melee skill.

Sun Disc should now ricochet properly on all types of nethrim.

Roads now show on the wilderness compass through fog.

New tones: sour, absent, cold

New RP verb: sniffle

Post boards have been added to the University of Elemancy, Shadgard Church inner hub, and Tse Gaiyan Chapterhouse.

Tattoos and similar should be covered by clothing once again.

A bug allowing multiple people to pick the same ESP Color has been fixed.

The look command will now prioritize critters and NPCs in the room before checking your open containers (For example: look rat in the graveyard while you have a travel ration in an open container). You may always use the my argument to specify an item on your person (look my rat.

It is no longer possible to pick up excessively heavy items from hiding (such as large logs).

The heave command can now be used to heave heavy items into a recently-pulled/hitched cart or wagon (and back out to the ground). This includes furniture and corpses! Heavier items may require the help of additional group members. (Individuals who try to prevent others from being resurrected by hiding corpses away in carts or wagons will be facing a ban for griefing - trackers of this activity are in place.)

Water containers now get heavier as they are filled with water. As a result, it's no longer possible to carry full water barrels around by hand. Time to utilize that heave command and claim those prime farming plots near rivers or other permanent water sources.
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Re: Changelog

Postby Rias » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:49 am

It is no longer possible to pull bellows while exhausted.

A brawny blacksmith has arrived in the Shadgard Blacksmith shop to provide training to those in need.

Wavebending has been retconned and removed. Nonmagical abilities and items have been made available to Utasa which will achieve the same or similar results. Ability points will be refunded automatically, while Wavebending skill points will be migrated to other skills soon.

Udemi no longer have access to Aeromancy. Guided Shot has been completely removed, while Aero Volley has been updated to a mundane version of the ability.

Aero Volley is now simply Volley. Instead of requiring an aeromancy channel, it now requires both Hyperfocus and Rapid Fire to be active, and now fires a maximum of 3 arrows.

Hyperfocus is no longer restricted by Urban or Indoor environments.

The interior area of Tarueka has received a small face-lift with slightly more robust room descriptions.

New tones: suspicious, resolute

A bug was squashed that allowed receiving mail at any post office instead of only at a character's designated post office.

It is now possible to fill water containers from barrels within a nearby handcart or wagon.

It is now possible to toggle ignoring the common Gray ESP channel by typing tune gray when already on the Gray channel.

Artisans with the forge training abilities now have access to MANY more weapon options.

Several new areas have been released, populated with aggressive critters! Two connected areas in the Gaslight Swamp that are mid-high to high skill range, and several small connected areas on the western coast that range from beginner to mid-range.

Dress-type garments now prevent a character from appearing as "pantsless" (hee hee).

It is now possible to use the reply command to respond to the last person who sent you a tell. This is a server-side shortcut/alias to tell and uses the same restrictions that the tell command already has.

Players will now receive a warning message when giving a property deed or a container containing a property deed to another character.

A bug preventing dresses from providing protection against cold weather has been squashed.

The footbridges in the Haiban room descriptions are now actual crossable bridges.

Ice Barbs has been removed from Rook Parlour, as it didn't fit within the capabilities of cryomancy (cryomancy can neither conjure nor control/concentrate water to make the ice - it also didn't make sense to have such a long-lasting effect after the channeling had stopped). It will be replaced with a more lore-appropriate equivalent.
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