Surviving CLOK: A Guide (Updated October 2017!)

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Surviving CLOK: A Guide (Updated October 2017!)

Post by Lun » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:23 am

Hello, and welcome! CLOK is hard. Here are some tips you can follow to stay alive and have a good time!
* Circumstances may change as the game progresses. The world of Arad is constantly developing, in real time! What applies now may not apply in 5, 4, 3, 2, or even a single year.

Tip # 1: WARMTH: Be wary of how cold you are., as it can and will kill you. To slow the onset of feeling cold, dress warmly in either wools or furs. You can avoid death by freezing by either building campfires, or otherwise taking shelter around other fire sources. Common firesources in the world include: Braziers, found usually in gatehouses, Inns, and Communal Kitchens.
Tip # 2: Bunnies, Jackrabbits, Squirrels, and unarmed Infested, oh my!: There are always options and different training grounds. If your favorite haunt is suddenly a frigid frostland and you can't find something to kill, there's always another option out there! Feel free to ask around for alternatives to popular hunting areas, or even for a hunting partner or guide!
Tip # 3: DEATH: Death is inevitable in CLOK. While we do have an OOC action available called DEPARTing, I highly advise against it. To revive in a lore-friendly, RP friendly, IC manner, please proceed to LOOK BELL and sit tight for rescue to avoid long-lasting and far-reaching penalties of departing. If there's nothing else you learn from this guide, it's to take departing as a final resort.
Tip # 4: Supplies: Bring bandages, food, and the right weapon with you. Iron beats nethrim!
Tip # 5: Avoiding Combat: At low skill, you can avoid starving animals by feeding them with animal fat or raw meat. Carry some with you from your hunting and butchering, and drop food for them!
Tip # 6: Quality of weapons: Quality impacts your accuracy roll. Higher quality is not always better, and poor quality is not always bad!
Tip # 7: OPINION: Haiban is the best overall starting area, but you'll want to take into account the character you're planning on playing.
Tip # 8: Combat Numbers: Combat is determined by accuracy and damage. Accuracy is your roll out of a possible maximum roll versus an opponents roll out of a possible maximum, displayed numerically as M: 80 vs D: 100 or as symbols, where +++ means you have an advantage and --- means you're at a disadvantage. Your ability to use the armor you're wearing impacts your combat rolls! Being an equal opponent is a safe bet! Enemies with weapons are dangerous!
Tip # 9: Money Making: Most players start off earning riln by foraging. But there are other options that are later unlocked such as logging, hunting, and mining. Remember that if you forage with an open container in one hand, you automatically put all foraged goods into your container!

The long of it!
Tip #1: Stay warm!
CLOK has a dynamic weather system based on real life locations, and cold in game has an actual effect on your character. Spending time in the freezing cold will, in fact, kill you. You are warned by the system every time you start to become too cold, which indicates you should take shelter. Cold damage directly affects your health! To avoid this predicament, seek shelter and wear warm clothing! How can we tell if the clothing we're wearing is warm enough? If you type "WARMTH" by itself, you learn more about your cold protection and more information will become available to you if you continue to follow the syntax provided. When you start taking cold damage, seek shelter in an inn, or by a campfire/brazier until you feel warm enough to leap back into the fray.

In the event you feel your warmth isn't high enough, you can seek out tailors in each of the major city. They all sell appropriate clothing, and if you're too poor to afford any, asking isn't shameful.
Commands to know:

Code: Select all

WARMTH: This command tells you more about your overall warmth value. The final level, well-fortified, in and of itself is not tiered! So barely being well fortified and being overly well-fortified is not a thing.
WARMTH CLOTHING: This command tells you exactly what clothing is providing what level of warmth protection.
Tip #2: Broaden your horizons!
"But Lun, I want to go out and fight! I want to get stronger, even though it's winter!"
Good point, friend. CLOK winters are as long as real life winters, so how on earth are you going to train yourself in this biting cold?
Well, good sir! You may think that Tarueka is your only option, but there are countless methods for inexperienced fighters to gain skill levels! There are many dedicated 'low' skill level training areas: The Mistral Lake Caravans, the Shadgard Graveyard, the Infested Village near Haiban, Tarueka, Dusklamp and many more! Equip yourself with a world map and march onward, young one!
Places to keep in mind!

Code: Select all

Thoroughfare of Tarueka
Mistral Lake Caravans
Shadgard Old Graveyard
Infested Village, South Bank
Coastal Cliffs
But what if exploration isn't your desire? the "Hunt" command is there for you! Go to a nearby plains area and engage with the local fauna! Wrangle with the rabbits, and earn yourself a nice meal, and skill in a weapon as well. Not everyone has to risk their lives fighting otherworldly creatures.

Hunting is as easy as HIDEing and HUNTing! Of course, they're not going to sit there and let you kill them! Early on, if you don't manage to snag a quick and easy kill and they flee for their lives, you might consider simply letting them go and finding a new innocent creature to slaughter. Remember that travelling in the wilderness costs energy and hunger! Keep well stocked on travel rations and food to avoid starving to death.
Commands to know:

Code: Select all

Take that meat and CUT STRIPS to make one meat turn into many, if you don't plan on selling it! Wow, magical!
Another option is to create a campfire in a forest! by FORAGE DEADWOOD, you can slowly find the materials for creating a campfire with some effort! Or simply avoid FREEZING and COLD places altogether. The world of ARAD is quite large, check your map and your local room forecast to know if you should keep on moving!
Commands to know:

Code: Select all

Tip #3: Sit tight and ring that bell!
Death, unfortunately happens. Quite often, too! You may be sorely tempted to just "DEPART" and return to your CLOK addiction, but that might not be the wisest decision. Death brings you to a special room where a bell sits. By ringing the bell, you send a message to all players online, prompting them to come out and spend some time with the deceased. Rather, it provides a location for them to locate your body and rescue you! By being raised in this manner, you incur NO death penalties! And you're provided sweet sweet opportunity to make connections and roleplay.
Departing may seem like the fastest option, but it really isn't. You'll be slapped with depart penalties that can take forEVER to remove. Take a leaf from Kent's book and ring that bell, even if it takes hours!
Commands to know:

Code: Select all

You're dead, oh no! Have no fear, we have the handy rescue system. Listen for people rescuing you! ESP RESCUE while alive for more information.

Think your body is going to be coldly robbed and you'll be left clothing-less? Have no fear! Your body is steal-proof while you're dead, though you'll drop any riln you're carrying unless you put it away in a container. so remember to PUT your RILN AMOUNT into a CONTAINER to avoid troubles! Being alive doesn't have these perks, though, so you'll want to CLOSE your containers unless you have a need to reach for it all the time i.e. medicinal pouch.

Code: Select all

Put 100 riln in backpack
Tip #4: The right tool for the right job
Like in all games, rock-paper-scissors is the name of the game. Not really. However, you may encounter at times ghosts! Or as we like to call them, nethrim. You can't harm a ghost with your hands: in fact, it'll hurt you even more than it hurts them. So how do we deal with shades, spectres, and phantoms? Using iron, steel, or a more celestial ferrous type metal will deal alchemical damage to ghasts and ghouls. Hi-yah! Fear those shades no more!

Keep in mind that surviving requires being adequately prepared at all times. Regular carry items might include rations, bandages, ammunition if it applies. I try to carry at least 10 rations and 100 to 200 bandages at all times. Restock whenever you reach a town! Rations could be replaced with your favorite food choice, such as meat strips or fish filets.

Tip #5: Be kind!
No, this isn't a message on how being a good samaritan will blah blah blah. Have you been beset by starving animals while you're happily travelling on the road? Why, they're so absurdly powerful, how could you stand a chance?! Fighting isn't always the option! Wild starving animals will happily take a chunk of fat or raw meat and leave you be.

Tip #6: Howdy, stranger.

Everyone in the world is so secretive, even to the point where the WHO list looks completely empty! This actually doesn't have to be the case. check out the FRIENDS command!
With thw anonymous OOC system that separates IC characters from their OOC counterparts you actually won't never know who is on which character. Feel free to ask, though!
ESP Hey, is Zeel around?
Really want to punch someone the second you see them? ENEMY them! This converts another PC to a hostile in your client, allowing you to attack them in auto actions and more. This is a pretty dangerous action, but very reversible! You might be better served using a NOTE instead.

Tip #6: Quality wares here!
What exactly IS quality? Quality, simply put, grants a bonus positive or negative multiplier to your rolls. Poorly made objects can take away as much as 15% of your roll! To be exact, it's 15%, 10%, or 5% in either a positive or negative direction.

This is the list for WOODWORKED objects, but consider it a guideline for all weapons.
horribly malformed : -15%
misshapen: -10%
rough-carved: -5%
(nothing): Nothing! This is your base skill!
well-balanced (or well-carved): +5%
exquisite: +10%
masterfully-carved: +15%

Quality effects your combat roll, which I'm going to go further into detail on in Tip #8, how to discern danger.

Tip #7: Oh, yeah, I'm from...
Starting areas, starting areas. Starting areas are important for many things. They have different resources, different quality of living and different hunting grounds. What the benefits to each one? Remember when we discussed climate? This applies to the starting towns, as well! Shadgard is an extreme place, where it's burning in the summer and freezing in the winter. So let's jump right into it!

Code: Select all

Free access to the Shadgard mines
Many trainers, and a large established town with all amenities including: infirmary, general store, bank, blacksmithy and more!
Wide range of weapons to purchase
Weather is extreme! Freezing during the winter.
Pits you against a fraction of the player-base
Far from many guild headquarters

Code: Select all

The town with the most iron! Many of the shops stock iron weaponry, armor, and accessories.
Always warm, or at most chilly.
Close to Haiban and other hunting grounds
Access to more secretive guilds
Ferry toll, or barge wait time to enter and exit.
Expensive! Weapons, clothing, you name it. The price to have a quality life is high.
Layout can be a bit confusing at first
There's a ruins full of canim right outside that will instantly kill you (if you intrude)
Brigands in them woods there.

Code: Select all

Cheap weapons and armor with a wide selection of metal types.
The most populated town
Close to Mistral Lake and shares its hunting grounds
Warm weather, all year long
No resurrection for tainted characters (taint here in CLOK refers to a permanent status effect)
Least amount of "guild" influence. Initiation into most guilds requires travelling to their headquarters, and there are far fewer recruiters in this town compared to other towns.
Honorable Mention: Corvus Outpost:
Corvus Outpost is not a starting town. It is a major faction in game, yes, and was an option for a short period of time when there was open recruitment. Being in the Outpost restricts your access to Shadgard. It does not instantly make your character "grim-dark" and "edge-y". The Outpost is an old military outpost turned into a safe haven for people who are prejudiced against, such as assassins or criminals, yes, but not everyone in the outpost is "evil".
Onto the pros and cons...

Code: Select all

Uhm. You're cool. No matter how heinous the crime you've committed elsewhere, you won't be judged for it here. This why why it's often considered an Outpost full of criminals.
Negative stigma! Even other Corvites won't instantly like you, but it comes with the fact everyone here is a social outcast.
Limited resources. Weapon options are scarce, armor options are scarce, etc... It's CLOK on hard mode.
Tip #8: Danger
What's dangerous, anyway? Combat is intense in CLOK. You see numbers flying left, and right, and up, and down, and you're stuck left wondering why you're dead after five rounds.
So let's break it down into two parts: the Combat Roll and Damage

Combat Roll:
Combat roll is what essentially determines your accuracy. Your skill with a weapon, its quality, and your armor are three major factors which influence your offensive roll.
You attack a shadowy gray phantom with your horribly malformed staff!
staff (-----) (M:80 vs D:156) Dodged!
staff (----) (M:96 vs D:156) Dodged!
staff (---) (M:112 vs D:156) Dodged!
(energy -5)

Bolded is your offensive roll. This is your maximum possible "attack" roll, which is pitted against the italicized opponent DEFENSE roll. These are MAXIMUM values, which means for each one of those attacks I could have possible rolled an 80, 96, or 112 respectively as a MAXIMUM roll. Why did I have such variation? My armor, of course! Armor can impede your offensive and defensive roll scores, leading to reduced attack rolls.

Of course, having a higher offensive roll than your opponent is always good, but it's RNG which determines if you hit. You could have a roll of 80 vs 800000 and still hit, if they only roll a 1.

Damage is determined by your weapon. No matter how skilled you are with knives, even if you have 50000 dagger skill, you'll only do damage within the range of your weapon. Imagine it's basically a 1d10 weapon! Sure, higher weapon skill will weight your damage on the upper end, and you'll consistently get the 6, 8, and 9 range, but you're not going to do 10 damage endlessly. As for which weapon does how much damage, a safe way to assess possible damage is looking at its weight and length. A poleaxe does tons; a knife does not.

With that in mind, how can we assess how 'dangerous' an area is? When you engage in combat, first check to see if they're armed. An enemy with weapons, i.e. claws and teeth and sword and shield will always be a "threat" to you. As you become stronger, these become more prominent and every battle becomes more and more dangerous.
Secondly, check their DEFENSIVE roll. If you have an equal ATTACK roll, it's considered a good opponent. You'll get skillgains, and have good odds of hitting them. If they have 80000 dodge and you have 80 attack, you might consider fleeing.
Then, compare THEIR attack roll with YOUR defense rolls. If they can roll an 800 attack roll and you can only roll a measly 400, that means they have TWICE the odds of hitting you. Heck, it's probably more exponential than that. Sure, you'll dodge if they get poor rolls, but their maximum is twice yours! When it comes to defense, there's no such thing as too much. Always hope to have your DEFENSE roll (dodge, block, parry) equal to or higher than your opponent.

Code: Select all

Examples of dangerous enemies:
Giant enemy crab: Armed with massive pincers that can deal 40-80 damage in one swing
Any enemy with a weapon is as dangerous as a player with a weapon! Because players and NPCs are both just as important in CLOK.
This can be mitigated through armor usage. However, using heavy armor without proper training will harm your respective rolls! You can train your armor use by wearing light armor, and moving up to heavier armor over time.
10-9-2017 update!:
Notes on crime: Do you lead a life of crime? Well, that's. Bad! But keep this in mind if you do...

- Don't assault or murder townsfolk. The crimes you commit in game all have serious consequences in game, and punishment is steep. The people in the world of Arad disapprove of crime, and long jailtime is just one of the lighter punishments.
- Don't resist arrest. Youll often be given a chance to surrender to an authority. Swallowing your pride and serving your time pays off in the long run.
- Don't practice in major towns. it's a good idea to skill yourself up against hostile NPCs like carriers and stuff where you don't care about your rep anyway.

More combat tips!:
If your dodge skill is very much lower than your highest offensive skills, you'll have a bad time. Boosting that up to be roughly equal will help out a LOT. If you're having trouble training dodge, my suggestion is to pay for dodge training, then go and train up a lower weapon skill a bit. As long as you don't pay for it, training up something like Daggers or Staff while you pay for dodge training can help bump that up. Scale yourself to your opponents, and you can avoid death most of the time.

As time goes by, you're going to discover you have a lot of equipment and vault prices are getting more and more expensive. You have two options, you darn hoarder. You can purchase a home, or you can rent a vault. Homes are a complex topic, and I'm going to pass on it since I don't know much about them. Vaults, however...

"But I already store everything in my vault!"
Not that vault. The Haiban Walk-in Vault! By default, everyone gets access to a small crate. It can only hold tiny items, and is a sample of what the room can offer.

A vault attendant hands you a catalog listing various storage options for lease:

1. a medium storage crate ...... (2000 riln) (1 per customer)
2. a large storage crate ....... (5000 riln) (1 per customer)
3. a heavy oak trunk ........... (7500 riln) (1 per customer)
4. a simple pine weapon rack ... (1500 riln) (1 per customer)
5. a simple pine armor rack .... (1500 riln) (1 per customer)

Armor racks can be used in conjunction with the STRIP ARMOR command in order to rapidly unequip your armor. Your armor will appear on the armor rack. Use the OUTFIT command to equip your armor again. Handy!

The Heavy Oak Trunk is a MASSIVE crate for storage purposes. Once you own this, your storage concerns for anything you can hold in your hands is basically taken care of. The vault allows you to stash away your commodities for a low low price of the door fee, 25 riln. You can move around dozens, or hundreds of items for only 25 riln. It's worth the price! I highly recommend purchasing this as soon as you can (usually after a horse).

11-20-2017 Update:

Tip #10?: Challenging yourself!
How are skillgains calculated in CLOK? At first glimpse, it can be hard to tell with the numbers and things flying around. To put it simply, skillgains are based on challenge rating. What makes something challenging? If something's MAXIMUM ROLL is higher than your MAXIMUM ROLL (Displayed as either symbols or as a numerical roll depending on how you have your options set up,) you're going to gain skill. This applies on anything that's stronger than you, or if you're less than twice as strong as it.

Let's look at an example of a combat roll, again.

Combat roll is what essentially determines your accuracy. Your skill with a weapon, its quality, and your armor are three major factors which influence your offensive roll.
You attack a shadowy gray phantom with your horribly malformed staff!
staff (-----) (M:80 vs D:156) Dodged!
staff (----) (M:96 vs D:156) Dodged!
staff (---) (M:112 vs D:156) Dodged!
(energy -5)

The challenge rating displayed shows that my offensive rolls, shown in bold, are lower than the opponents defensive rolls, show in italics. Of course, I didn't land any hits that round, so I don't get any skillgains. If you have combat numbers off, you'll see a series of "-" minuses to literally display how effective you are at fighting this opponent. This system not only allows you to predict the success rate of fighting an opponent, it also corresponds to how much skillgain you acquire per round.
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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide

Post by Mooshie » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:33 am

Huh! I did not some of this. Thanks!

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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide

Post by Rias » Wed Dec 16, 2015 10:58 am

A few more tips regarding cold weather and building campfires here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=3300&p=30971#p17729 (tips on campfire preparation further down after the original post in that thread)

Also: GO INSIDE! People freeze to death quite frequently, despite the fact that the messaging starts telling you that you should find shelter soon before you freeze to death. When you start taking cold damage, just go inside - anywhere inside, though places with fires/stoves/other warmth sources will thaw you faster.

Also also: Make friends with a pyromancer, and have yourself a portable campfire. Pyrospheres are fun.

Unrelated to cold: Carry lots and lots of food. People don't starve to death very often anymore, but it still occasionally happens. In a pinch you can try and forage for edible herbs, berries, fungi, and so forth. Just type forage by itself, no need to specify. If you hold an open container in one hand, you'll automatically put the stuff you forage in it, so you don't have to keep stopping to manually stow the stuff you found.

If you hunt up some meat but don't have a frying pan with you, you can forage a branch and carve it into a skewer to cook that meat on. (Don't cut the meat into strips if you intend to use a skewer). Fishing is also an easy source of food in a pinch, provided you can make a campfire to cook the fish with. Again, skewers can be used if you left the frying pan at home. You can fish with a fishing pole, or spearfish with a spear. You can carve large straight branches into wooden spears for this purpose, in case you didn't bring a pole or spear with you.
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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide

Post by Sneaky » Wed Dec 16, 2015 11:08 am

Cooking with skewers is really really hard, so if you're in a situation where you need to eat fast and don't have a lot of cooking skill, forage instead of trying to skewer some fish/meat, as cooking it improperly and eating it will cause you to become sick.
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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide

Post by Rakon » Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:00 pm

Thank you for this! As a recently re-returned player (somebody staple me or something) I found I not only had some new things to learn about but had largely forgotten a lot of the older commands I used to know.

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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide

Post by Jirato » Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:17 pm

Rakon wrote:Thank you for this! As a recently re-returned player (somebody staple me or something) I found I not only had some new things to learn about but had largely forgotten a lot of the older commands I used to know.
Welcome back to CLOK!
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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide (Updated October 2017!)

Post by Lun » Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:32 pm

Bump! Welcome to 2017! Hopefully these tips can help a new player survive a week in CLOK. Death is fun!

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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide (Updated October 2017!)

Post by ironcross32 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:04 pm

I'm bumping this because everyone should read it.

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Re: Surviving CLOK: A Guide (Updated October 2017!)

Post by Jirato » Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:08 pm

Thank you for updating this. I really think it's a good resource for new players. Stickied.
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