Amazing RP since returning, thank you

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Amazing RP since returning, thank you

Post by jilliana » Sun Nov 19, 2017 12:58 pm

I wanted to thank all of you players for the amazing roleplay I've had since returning to the game. Remember that just because I don't mention your name, doesn't mean that we haven't roleplayed or that I don't appreciate it:
Harper: Love the roleplay with you. your conversations are great and curious. You help me feel useful.
Gileas: You're awesome and funny and the quirk CLOK needs.
Dorn: Although the RP has only been on ESP and just yesterday, it was actually the beginning of some interesting roleplay for Jilliana's story. Thanks for lighting the fire under my character's burner!
Meridian: Although brief, I enjoy you so much. Hope to spend more time with you in future.
Gad: never dull and always down for giving advice and perspective. Much appreciated.
Maric: Great to roleplay with you again. I didn't realize I missed it!
Raelith: We met under strange circumstances, and all the better for it. So much fun.
Lairn, Sid, Hakon and everyone else: Looking forward to more RP.

On a slightly less pleasant note:
I feel like I've been somewhat negative on Chat as of late. Really since I came back. I guess I'm just displeased that some things I hoped would change, haven't. I'll work on my tude and maybe approach the GMs about my displeasures in hopes that some compromise will be made, or at least an understanding so the newer GMs don't think I'm this horrible person who has nothing but complaints. I appreciate the game and the players. You are all a great bunch.

Thank you for easing my way in my return, all of you.
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