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Soul Harvest

Post by TheCacklackian » Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:29 pm

As of current, soul harvest does not grant sorcery skill gains, and no matter what you harvest you gain around 2 soul shreds, or summon a tattered gray shade.

I understand as it is why soul harvest doesn't grant sorcery gains, it has next to no risk, though I'd like both of these to change.

I would like us to be able to get sorcery skill gains from harvesting powerful creatures, as well as more soul shreds from powerful creatures, and less soul shreds from weak creatures. Additionally if our sorcery is to low to reliable harvest a powerful creature, I'd like there to be a more powerful nethrim in it's place, tatter shades have no energy, and do next to no damage, but can kind of be a threat to novice sorcerers, but any sorcerer with essence leech, and more than 50 marksman, can put one down in one cast. So, I'd like for weak creatures, such as animals to be able to spawn in weaker nethrim, such as tattered shades, but when you kill something with high rolls, have the nethrim in it's place have high rolls as well.

I'm not sure what we'd roll our sorcery against in harvesting for it to generate challenge, perhaps the enemies dodge rating just as a general 'defense' roll to gauge the enemy strenght, or go through and hand set the number of soul shreds, and nethrim each creature has a chance to spawn.

Nick the Novice Necromancer tries to harvest a drakolin. (S:100 V D:1000000) Nick fails horribly, and in place of soul shreds, a deep black emerges from the drakolins body, before coalescing as a spectre.

Steve the Supreme Sorcerer tries to harvest a direwolf (S:10000 V D:1000) Steve succeeds in harvesting the soul shreds from the wolf and gains 5 soul shreds.

(I don't think that the words we see when we succeed/fail harvests should change, simply that the risk we take should increase, along with the reward)

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