Aeromancy lore

The manipulation of fire, earth, air, and water.
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Aeromancy lore

Post by Isiaa » Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:56 am

Long ago there existed in the mountains near the place now known as Sirak Drauth several tribes who often warred with each other. They were not great warriors as we understand them today and they were a base and disgusting people, wasteful of food and more like beast then men. Now in the country now known as Faedh Vii there existed a tribe of warriors who were quite accomplished and they heard of a beasts who came from the mountains killing and plundering anything which crossed their path. They went to the mountains and slew all of the "beasts" but they missed three tribes. One lived quite low but had discovered farming and where on the road to becoming true people. Another was larger and had discovered how to make weaponry out of metals. The warriors passed these tow by because the first did not look like the beasts and the second would have overwhelmed them sooner or later. The third lived in the highest and most remote place in the entire range in stone caves. They were tall and thin, lean and often hungry. They had a way of writing, simple pictograms and images and thus they were able to leave behind their knowledge to their children and grand-children. There were some other survivors who were still beast like but eventually the smiths and the farmers joined as one and went to slay these also, asking the help of the tribe of warriors. But just as the battle came to a close the cries of eagles split the air. The wind rose into a gale and figures flashed through the sky, dressed in feathers and furs, throwing stones so quickly that they split trees down the middle. Blasts of air and vortexes tore through the ranks of the warriors called Mor and those of the smiths and farmers who called themselves Srik. The air whipped dust into storms and soon the ranks broke and the three allied tribes fled in fear. Those they had come to slay were slain by these strange people from the sky who ate them after. They then gave chase to the other tribes who eventually broke and fled across the mountains. Against the air the could do little. Some of their people could touch magic but never had they faced so many mages with such powers. Their own mages gathered and wondered how they could defeat these air mages. Into their midst stepped a tall man who said "Greetings." The mages and warriors gathered their charged him recognizing him as one of the aeromancers (although that term was invented much later). He raised his hands and a vortex spun around him throwing them back. He said "I am ordered to help you and teach you the walking of the winds. Now listen." He imparted unto them the secrets of his ancestors. It took him three weeks teaching before they were able to command the winds with even the smallest skill and a further three years before they could truly command the winds. They went back to battle their foes and combining their skills, they were able to overcome all but one of the tribe. This one man was able to at a breath hurl them across the fields of battle. Eventually they called on their teacher to aid them in battle and he took to the field himself to fight this man. The two began combat and although the man who had taught the mages was weaker it was clear that he was the more skilled. Eventaully the two stood facing each in the centre if the field. They spoke in a strange harsh tongue to each other even as around them the earth was torn away by a terrible wind-storm. Then the teacher suddenly threw back his head and screamed. His body blazed with terrible light and the winds suddenly reversed spinning into him, dragging his foe, who was by then called simply the sky striker, into the vortex. The shards of earth, the weapons left on the field, stones as large as fists were all dragged into that place. A small hill appeared, burying the remains of the two mages, last of their tribe, last of the wind-walkers, in itself.

The teachings had not extended as far as to reveal much that the tribe could do and no teachers where present. The caves of the wind-walkers are rumoured to still exist but are thought so remote that only wind-walkers could reach them or knew how to reach them. Some knowledge has been lost since and certainly no one could rival the powers over the air.

The End.

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