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Progress Report

Post by Drayla » Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:23 pm

Is there anything needed in way of suggestions that we players could provide in order to help pottery get finished, or does it simply need the time taken to get it finished and in working order? I would like to have my elemancer try it out (maybe even make it easier for them, since geomancy could potentially help them in shaping the clay, hydromancy could keep it at the perfect level of moisture, and pyromancy could fire it perfectly), but last I heard it still gave no skillgains, and wasn't entirely complete, as products took an extremely long time to dry, if they ever did. Also, sand I hear is difficult to come by at best, dangerous at worst. I'd really like to see this up and fully operational soon, so if I can help out in any way, let me know. I know the GMs have been working hard and through a ton of criticism lately, and I just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job, and I love all the changes happening. I know none of you have to do everything you are doing to make CLOK so wonderful, so thank you for choosing to do so anyway.


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Re: Progress Report

Post by Fayne » Tue Jan 13, 2015 10:42 am

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Can we get an idea as to how high pottery is on the priority list? I know I'd like to see pottery become available, but I also don't want to bug about something thats seriously not even being looked at at the moment if that's the case.
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