Swimming, Climbing, Tracking abilities

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Swimming, Climbing, Tracking abilities

Post by Rodolfo » Tue Dec 15, 2015 5:54 pm

These could be for Snowpine because we're focused on being able to get anywhere and everywhere in the wilderness, and specifically spending time out there. They could also be shared with other guilds where they make sense, or they could just be general abilities, but I'm posting the ideas here.

Swimming Mastery: Allows swimming skill over 10. Your swim roll is always at least half your skill.

Climbing Mastery: Increases your gain rate at climbing skill. Your climb rolls are weighted heavily toward maximum.

Tracking Mastery: Notice fresh tracks automatically when you enter a room. Tracks older than fresh need to be discovered by manually tracking.

Trackless: When moving in stealth, there's a chance you won't leave tracks. Doesn't work if you're too encumbered or wearing big heavy armored boots. Ineffective in muddy terrain and snow.

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Re: Swimming, Climbing, Tracking abilities

Post by Elystole » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:48 am

Tracking mastery could be really awesome. It kind of sucks when you are chasing something, hot on its trail, but they are slowly getting ahead of you because even though you are following their tracks you have to keep stopping and stacking on the RT. I've been in a couple of pursuits like that, and I only came out on top because they ran out of energy before I did.
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