Facilities, Not Abilities

Sit around the campfire with your fellow bushcrafters.
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Facilities, Not Abilities

Post by Rodolfo » Tue Dec 15, 2015 9:20 pm

Snowpine Lodge isn't magical. It also has a more mundane focus than other guilds. It was always presented as a minor guild. As such, I don't expect them to ever have many, if any, unique abilities. What they should have, though, are some nice facilities. Here are some ideas for special items and facilities Snowpine Lodge could have to set them apart a little better. These would require a main lodge of some kind, since these things all clearly wouldn't be crammed into the huntress's tiny cabin.

This ended up being a lot if ideas. Please view these as suggestions and springboard ideas rather than specific demands. I don't mean to sound needy or entitled.


Main Lodge: A main lodge somewhere in the wilderness, to house the majority of these facilities and where the below items are sold.

(Public facilities accessible to non-members)

A large public common room with tables, chairs, a blazing fireplace, a trophy wall (where members can display trophies of their finest kills or their finest crafts, like that masterwork bow you made), and a bar serving food and drinks.

Rentable Rooms: Short-term limited storage solution without needing a bank. Also a place to just crash. Lodge members get a large discount.

Furrier: Sell pelts here for riln, or buy scrap pelts (low quality) to easily practice your leatherworking with.

(The rest of the facilities are for members only)

Members Lounge: A place for members to lounge around, away from the public.

Lots of trainers.

Workstations required for all bushcraft-related skills (leatherworking, woodworking, etc.).

Special stations that weight up skill rolls and take less roundtime for performing the following: leatherworking (including repairs), woodcarving (regular as well as bowyering), fletching, poultice making, possibly other things. We could say there are experienced NPC Lodge members here who instruct and assist you as you work. Like learning workshops.

A wood-steaming station where you can make things like recurve bows.

Special bathing area with soaps to clean your scent away for a while. Give you an effect that makes it easier to hide from animals who rely on scent.

Waterproofing Station: A place where you can waterproof hooded cloaks with oils (see oilcloth). Negligible mechanical benefit, but still cool. People could just buy an oilcloth cloak to begin with, but this way other cloaks could be waterproofed so people could keep their favorite non-oilcloth cloaks and still be safe from those rainstorms.

Leather treatment station: Makes soft leather, scale leather, and brigandine armor slightly more durable/protective. Expensive and takes more doses for larger armor pieces. This could be temporary and have to be reapplied now and then.

Fireproofing station: A bit of a misnomer, but this could allow treatments that give soft leather, scale leather, rigid leather, and brigandine armors some extra fire resistance. Because who wants to hunt salamanders and drakolin when susceptible to fire? Possibly treatments for other damage types, if we can make it make sense.

Wayposts (wilderness) and Lounges (towns): Just tiny little single-room areas in towns and out in some safer areas of the wilderness where Lodge members can crash, rest, and enjoy a few minor facilities outside the main Lodge like buying travel food and selling pelts. And of course get tasks, promotions, and maybe train a few skills from NPCs.


Special tanning solution: Makes the tanning process go a little faster (fewer repetitions), more doses per bottle, possibly has a chance to slightly increases the quality of the leather or fur.

Skinning and whittling knives: Nothing special about them compared to the ones anyone else can get. Or make them slightly more effective if we really want to.

Fillet knife: Weighted higher yield when cutting fish into fillets.

Special fitted backpacks with straps and maybe a light frame. They don't need to hold more than regular backpacks, but anything in them causes 10% less encumbrance.

Fishing pole that weights up fishing rolls.

Fishing line that doesn't snap as easily.

Fishing bait to increase frequency of catches.

Travel food that is slightly better than travel rations and doesn't taste as nasty. There can be varieties. Some are bread-based, some are made of nutritious roots and veggies, and other stuff like that. We don't just want to survive out in the wild, we want to enjoy our time there. That means a little variety in our not-disgusting travel food.

Healing unguents. Like suggsted by others: You apply it to a wound and it works like a poultice over time. The good thing is that there are several applications per jar. A good way to get these before the general abilities to craft them are developed.

Energy drink. Diminishing effectiveness if used in rapid succession, gives you jitters if you drink too much too quickly like some other energy-gaining effects do. Again, a good way to get these before general abilities to craft them are developed.

Something you can apply to yourself to mask your human scent and make it easier to hide from certain animals. It makes you smelly and more easily detected by other humans, though.

Something you can apply to yourself to attract certain creatures. So you could apply one to attract deer, go to an area where deer are native, and they'll spawn by you fairly quickly. They'll also search, however, so you should have some decent stealth skill first. This will help with hunting because moving around to different areas using the hunt command makes you hungry quickly and is mildly annoying.

Now, how do we keep these special things from being distributed everywhere and not being special anymore? For instance, the backpacks could be in the hands of the majority of PCs quite quickly if members of the Lodge can just advertise and sell them, and then they're not special, but expected. I know that some people would make Snowpine alts, just to sell or distribute the special gear, at least to their friends, possibly to anyone who offers riln. I don't think this would be a good thing.

The backpacks could be fitted to a specific person, so only the buyer (Lodge members) benefits from them. If you give it away to someone else, they could still wear it, but they wouldn't get the encumbrance lightening because it's not fitted to them. Or only allow a member to buy them once, or make them cost a million recognition points in addition to riln. I like the first idea best.

The fishing poles could only be bought once, or cost a huge amount of recognition points. So then you can't just have an alt join, then immediately buy a bunch with the riln other people are paying you to get the special items for them.

Unguents, Energy Drink, Tanning Solution, Bait, and other consumables: I think it'd be okay to distribute these in moderation (they're limited use), although I would think doing so with any frequency or regularity should be frowned upon. Make them cost a significant amount of points as well as riln so you can't just buy as many as you want with riln that could just be given to you by someone else.

Why does the Lodge ICly limit things by points (or recognition, or merit, or credit, or standing, or however you want to ICly phrase it)? Because the Lodge has a limited supply, and they don't want the new or less-active members eating up all the supply, or all their stuff just being resold or given away. They mainly want the more proven, active, and long-term members to have access to them. I see the Lodge as an exclusive specialist organization, not a sales outlet, so I think they would serve their members, and not the public at large.

Feel free to add your own suggestions and criticisms.

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Re: Facilities, Not Abilities

Post by Mooshie » Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:20 pm

Well I say, these idea sound like it would turn the Lodge from a minor guild to something a bit bigger! Not that I have anything against that, but it would Probabbly have to start off IG somehow, and that seems difficult to do with a bunch of mountain men, well, those of us that are around anyway. I've met Rangers and Druids, Even got shot at by a Dunwyr, but have not met IG another Snowpine guy. I'm assuming your character is REAL deep in the wilds, which is awesome.

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