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Discord Server and CHAT

Post by Jirato » Wed Feb 15, 2017 1:39 pm

If you've been following the discussions on the BBS, you should already know we have a Discord server set up. If not, you can access it here: https://discord.gg/nVFF5xW

Last night, I went ahead and created a bot that provides a chat interface between in-game CLOK chat and the Discord server. If you see anyone chatting in game with (Discord) after their name, this is why. They're on the server.

Overall, I think it's a great feature that will help foster community growth. I just want to remind and warn against chat that is not family friendly, and IC/OOC spillage to prevent any "spoiler" situations. It'd be majorly unfun if someone gets some sort of in-game event spoiled for them. Likewise, we don't want to scare off any new players with any inappropriate talk in the Discord channel. So, please keep in mind POLICY 1 and POLICY 2, and be careful about what you talk about OOCly. Even when you're in CLOK late at night and there's only one or two people you know closely online and you're chatting with them over CHAT, keep in mind that these messages are now recorded in Discord (which saves a full chat history). Anyone joining the Discord server can read the chat history. Likewise, anyone talking on the Discord server needs to remember that whatever they say is echoed in-game.
[GMCHAT Uyoku]: Octum is when the octumbunny comes around and lays pumpkins everywhere right?
[GMCHAT Rias]: Dimmes says "oh hai :) u need healz? ill get u dont worry thaum lasers pew pew pew lol"
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